Monday 2 September 2013

August [ in pictures ]

Slightly late for my usual monthly round-up, but here it is! Not many pictures this time round, but I've got some instagram videos that you can view if your follow me @beaverwoo

So August was a rather good month. Did lots of eating nom nom and obviously gained some weight :( but well besides was a month of watching K grow. I say that because Kaitlin has been growing up so fast it's quite hard to believe. Of course it's something to be happy about so I'm not complaining. I'll talk more about K's progress during the monthly milestones post that I usually do. If you missed out last month's one, here it is.

Well September is gonna be a busy month. Firstly, Daddy Li ORDs tmr! Yes wow 1 year and 10 months have gone by just like that. Though he doesn't think it's worth celebrating I think it is. It's not easy going through 1 year and 10 years of army. Serving the nation is tough enough, but with a family that's tougher. Not just for the army boy but for the family as well so I'm just really happy that we got through it together. Kind of makes it feel like we can get through anything..we'll let's hope we can.

Besides that, Teachers' Day is this week (need some DIY gifts ideas?), K's school will be having activities for Mid-Autumn Festival and then it's also K's birthday coming up (goodie bags + school celebration + our own tiny celebration) and of course in between there's lot of other stuff going on. That list is already making me go D: Of course I'm excited to get started on them but I don't know how it'll all turn out so I actually starting to panick a little.

My late dad's birthday also falls in September..hoping that day/week will turn out fine as well. I'm quite an emotional person so well I just hope I don't turn out to be an emotional wreck and let that affect my mood. Last thing I want to do is lose my temper at Daddy Li or Kaitlin unnecessarily. I don't want to but you know, somethings things happen.

Oh well, we'll see how September goes. Just got to stay positive and start working on whatever I've to do..and in case you have not realised..WE ARE A FEW MORE MONTHS AWAY TILL CHRISTMAS!! Woots looking forward to bringing K to play with fake foam snow even though I know she'll probably still be afraid so it might not even happen..but oh christmas is such a happy time of the year :D:D

Hope all you Hello Little Sunshine readers have a good September. Oh yes! Don't forget I've got a WORLDWIDE BOOK GIVEAWAY going on till the 10th, so do support yeah :)

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