Monday 4 November 2013

October [ in pictures ]

We are already a few days into November! October has gone by so fast that I felt like I haven't even done so many things that I had wanted to do! It definitely was a busy month and there was very little breather time for me which also explains lack of posts on this space. I feel very guilty for neglecting this space, but well family and chores come first..I hope that very soon I'll be able to be back on track with the blogging. 

October was a busy month, with loads happening. I managed to push myself to achieve more at home - juggling more chores and looking after K all at the same time. Managing K + pram + bag and her school bag up and down a bus! YAY!! I know that there are moms that can do all that + a baby + being preggers..Idk how I'll ever be able to do those moms are way more awesome but you know..everyone is different so I'm just happy that I could do that. Though I'm super exhausted at the end of the day, I'm still pretty happy with what I never knew I could do. It's like you never know till you try..and yes moms really do seem to have that super power to just do almost everything and power on. 

Daddy Li had started working and there was some adjustments here and there that we had to make. Thankfully though, it's been alright so far and I hope things stay this way. We also celebrated our anniversary! Yayy to another awesome year :)) With each year, our way of celebrating gets less fancy and we don't bother as much, I'm a tad sad cos who doesn't like to have a fancy romantic celebration but I'm also glad that even without all that, our love is still strong as ever <3 

This year, Kaitlin got to celebrate Halloween in school and collected some yummy candy. However, we didn't go trick or treating this year, as our neighbourhood wasn't doing it this time round. Hopefully next year we get a chance to bring Kaitlin. K also got to celebrate Deepavali for the first time. 

October was definitely a tiring but fun month. Lots of new challenges, lots of new happenings and lots of having to 'keep calm and carry on'. I'm glad we as a family, managed to get through October relatively well. Definitely hoping that Nov will be a breeze..and I'm probably a little behind..but yes I'm starting to feel a little "christmas-y" :D

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