Saturday 9 November 2013

Kaitlin's 2nd Birthday - A Picnic Affair

Besides the birthday celebration we had with Kaitlin, we also planned another one for Kaitlin to celebrate with her Godparents!

We had a picnic at the Botanics and set up the place as well! Here's the set up:

It definitely was not easy bringing everything over and then setting it up. Thankfully, I had the help of Kaitlin's godparents! To think I even wanted to head over earlier to set up first, but that failed and we ended up being late to meet them!

As for the decor..I know it's so pink and girly..but I'll be thick skinned and say I LOVE IT! I had actually made the streamers as a photo backdrop for photos that I had wanted to take of Kaitlin on her birthday. But she was cranky then and hence we have no photos :( I just recycled that backdrop and brought it over with us to Botanics and it became our picnic party backdrop. It was so easy to make and didn't cost much at all!

The pink favour bags were treat bags for her Godparents. I went to the party shop at Bugis and got old school snacks and toys to fill them with.

Despite being really hungry, we definitely had to take some pictures before we started eating! The photos in this post are really just a super tiny portion out of the many photos we took on multiple phones!

It was getting dark fast, so even though we brought Kaitlin's cake out, we and her godparents decided to quickly go back to our place to continue the celebration and for her cake cutting.

Kaitlin's second cake was from Smitten Micro Bakery. It was a rose based flavoured cake with raspberry jam, raspberries and pistachio bits as filling. I also requested for a vanilla buttercream pink ombre frosting to go along with the pink theme of the picnic. 

I bought the candle separately, and DIY-ed the felt cake bunting (here's last year's DIY-ed cake bunting) It was a little tough to do the bunting cos of the cutting out of the alphabets, but still pretty manageable when you find the right pair of scissors and have lots of patience.

K didn't want to try her cake (yet again!), so it was only the adults who ate it. Which was quite a pity! Cos I really wanted her to try the raspberry and pistachio filling..but oh year, next year!

After all that cake cutting, babygirl got to open all the wonderful presents from her godparents. Needless to say she liked them all! What's not to like about hello kitty kitchen toys and a princess car right! Every little girl's dream if you ask me. 

Definitely got to thank Kaitlin's godparents for their time, co-operation and help! Not forgetting the awesome presents. We truly appreciate it, and I'm sure when babygirl's a little older, she too will know and appreciate their love for her. They are truly the coolest and sweetest godparents. Kaitlin surely is one lucky girl to have 3 godmothers and 1 godfather (who has so many godparents!) who dote on her so so much. Thank you for celebrating with our little one Ronald, Enna, KY and Val <3


  1. Happy birthday little Kaitlin!!! Love your pinky pink party! XOXO

    1. Omg. I don't know why I only saw this comment now! I usually get notified on gmail that I have comments..but it was only until now when I was browsing my site through that I saw this. Belated thanks Adora :)) Pink is always in haha!

  2. Love the personal touch of the birthday party. It's something different and a refreshing idea!

    1. Thanks Lynn! It's always nice to be able to DIY our little one's birthday parties :)