Wednesday 13 November 2013

Kaitlin's 2nd Birthday - School Party!

We ended off Kaitlin's 2nd birthday celebration at her preschool! Babygirl was supposed to celebrate with her classmates and teachers on the actual day of her birthday but since she was still ill (talk about wrong timing!) we decided the best decision was to stay home and postpone it.

I had initially wanted to get a "healthy cake" for her classmates as I'm not a big fan of toddlers having junk food, especially since you don't know what kind of dietary restrictions each kid might have. Luckily though, according to K's teachers, the kids are all fine and can eat anything. So I decided on getting her a Hello Kitty cake.

I didn't go with a whole fancy fondant cake cos we all know how much sugar there is in that and how sweet that'll be. They would probably have been on a sugar high..So I just went for a simple cream cake with fruits.

On the day itself, we dropped Kaitlin off and then went back to her school a little later to celebrate. Like one hour later! I had ordered and collected her cake from the branch where her school was at, so it was easy for me to collect as I didn't have to travel at all, and that meant that I could collect it the same morning as her celebration..and sort of ensure that the cake was "fresh" for the kids.

When we arrived at K's class, it was so awesome to see K surprised and happy to see us..loved that look on her face! Well, of course she stuck to us once she saw us, and was afraid to leave our side.

Here's Kaitlin with her cake!

Her classmates were all so super adorable. They were so well-behaved and excited to sing the birthday song.  They sang an English and Mandarin version of the song, and it was kind of cool that some of them knew the entire lyrics. I filmed the celebration process on my phone, but seeing that it's best to respect the privacy of the other parents and their kids I did not post it on social media, and it won't be up on this blog either.

Instead..I have more pictures of Kaitlin!

I think she was pretty unsure with what was going on cos she was giving the 'huh?' face, but at least she blew her on candles and cut the cake. As for eating the cake..all she had was a mouthful and she didn't want more. I guess she really isn't into cake (yet! seriously who does not like cake?!). 

What's a party without treat bags right?

I took the above picture before packing the bags. DIY-ed labels for the treat bags, and I ordered a mix of organic snacks via iherb to fill up the bags. Plus I also made a trip to the party shops at Bugis to get some stickers and bubbles. I just wanted to make sure that what I filled the bags with was toddler friendly and useful.

I totally forgot to take an 'after' photo of the treat bags D: but oh well, there's always next year and hopefully I'll remember to. After cutting the cake at school, K distributed the treat bags to all her classmates. It was such a cute sight seeing her happily distribute it to them, and them being excited to open the bags.

Our celebration for her at school ended after that. Obviously Kaitlin didn't want be apart from us and continue with her programme in school so we brought her home. 

It definitely was fun celebrating with Kaitlin and her friends in school, especially since she does not have friends her age outside of class. It also brought back memories of celebrating my birthday in kindy. Celebrating in school was always fun cos you would be the most important person for the day, and there would be cake + lots of goodies and everyone in class would be excited and happy.

I'm looking forward to next year's celebration! Hopefully by then she likes cake, and she would be able to tell me what kind of birthday she would like (and not be too picky and demanding if not it'll sure be a headache) and be all excited and looking forward to it :D

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