Monday 18 November 2013

Kaitlin is 26 months old!

This past month has been wonderful seeing Kaitlin progress in terms of her speech and awareness of her surroundings. There's so much more interaction between her and us as she starts to become more vocal and understands what is going on around her.

Kaitlin turned 26 months old yesterday, and in this month's series of photos she's got her princess hand puppet toy with her. As usual, here are some of her more significant milestones:

Kaitlin is able to form three/four word sentences.
She sometimes repeats what we say, and in routine situations she will say what we would usually say such as if we mention it's time to eat. She'll say "wash hands, dry hand, eat, mumum okay"
Likes to imitate sounds, words and actions.
She is starting to convey what she wants/doesn't want to do
She also seems to be able to anticipate what's next.

She still loves nursery rhymes and is able to sing. She usually sings softer than her talking voice. In fact, her class is on the topic of nursery rhymes this term.
Kaitlin is able to build stack her blocks higher and higher on her own and loves to ask us to take a look at it
Enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles

Kaitlin is able to identify her friends in school, her teachers and her godparents.
Able to match animal and their animal sounds like cows moo, sheeps baa etc.
Able to identify colours and some shapes like triangle, square and circle.
She knows the procedure of certain things such as what she should do when she goes home, and would talk about it when we say that we are going home already. For example, she'll say "go home, take out shoes, keep shoes, wash feet, wash hand okay", as that's what we would usually tell her.

Can count 1-10 in Mandarin
She is able to count 1-10 in English, but usually goes "1, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10!"
Kaitlin has recently learnt to pout and loves doing it.
Able to walk on tip toes
Knows how to open/close the curtains (using a remote) and on/off the fan
Able to turn the tap on and off
Likes to splash water when bathing and can tell communicate that the water is too hot/cold

She can get pretty whiny and has quite an attitude, something we definitely need to work on with her.
Understands the concept of sharing but doesn't readily share as she used to
Likes to help out around the house by hanging clothes, helping to take things, closing the door
Gets happy when she sees other babies and children and will sometimes say "Hi" and wave to them on her own

It makes me extremely happy to see Kaitlin grow and progress everyday. It's amazing, and makes me warm and fuzzy all at the same time. Nothing in the world could replace watching your own kid grow up, being there for them and witnessing their "first's" with them. I love you very much my little pumpkin!

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