Monday 2 December 2013

November [ in pictures ]

We're into the final month of the year!! I would love to feel a little bit more "Christmas-sy", but the truth is that this year I feel like we are so busy we don't have time to bask in all that Christmas joy and fun. I'm contemplating letting Kaitlin skip a few days of school just so that we could all enjoy a little more (going to play with fake snow at Tanglin Mall, seeing the Christmas lights along Orchard Road etc. + some hot cocoa and snuggling under the blankie for all three of us) and sleep and wake up late..but we'll see about that. 

November has been a great month except for us falling ill and passing it to one another and it's not ending at all! It's like a horrible vicious cycle :( Kaitlin has also been terribly cranky and rebellious this month. I thought we had already seen the worst of the Terrible Twos..but oh my..I surprised there's more. Really hoping this will be all over soon and I can get my forever sweet and angelic little girl back. I still love her lots..but you know sometimes..she really knows how to drive you up the wall with that attitude and spunk of hers.

We started off the month happy, with a surprise staycation for the was sort of a good getaway for us all even though it lasted only a day! November ended on a sweet note as we watched K's first ever school performance. So exciting!! I honestly think I was more excited than her. She did fabulous, and even if I sound bias, I've to say she was pretty kick-ass awesome this whole school year. More about that in another post cos it totally deserves a post on it's own.

Our Christmas tree is up, except for that shiny star that has to go right up..but I'm not gonna let that and our busy lives stop us all from feeling the Christmas spirit! I'm gonna be a mommy on a mission - getting the whole family excited for Christmas and tying up as many loose ends before the year ends..just cos certain things have been dragging on wayyyyy too long.

In any case...HAPPY DECEMBER ALL and enjoy this special time of the year :)

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