Monday 3 February 2014

January [ in pictures ]

A new year, a new start but to be honest I don't feel like much has changed since 2013. The entire month felt pretty busy and sort of like we were rushing through it.

First, Kaitlin moved up to Nursery 1. Definitely an important milestone to us. It kind of felt like she's a big girl now, and no more the baby of the school. Well, I'm happy to say that she adjusted pretty fast. It wasn't easy, so I'm really happy that the crying didn't last long. Kids do really adapt well, so I believe give them the space, and encourage and reassure them without giving in and that will help them be more confident and adjust faster.

While that was happening, we also celebrated Daddy Li's birthday! Birthdays, monthsaries, anniversaries etc are all important days to me. I like to celebrate them no matter how old or how long we've been together, so of course it had to be planned well. The only thing is...I have yet to get him his present. He was supposed to get a set of weights and we actually walked around Queensway Shopping Centre a few times and decided to get then went for dinner and he suddenly said he doesn't want me to waste the money and I'm like -.- so yes, I still have to get him a present, afterall he really deserves it.

Luckily, we managed to catcher a breather in the middle of the month and started spring cleaning slowly. I know, so early by the time CNY comes it will be dusty again. But cos there's so many things in the house, we kinda had to start early. I decluttered a little, and even till today I decluttered and packed some of my clothes (not nicely...but at least back into the wardrobe from where it was on the hanging rack for the longest time).

So fast forward, CNY came and gone. The usual reunion dinner over at the in-laws and dinner at an auntie's house where we met more relatives. Best part, was having our friends over and them hanging out with Kaitlin. Oh yes! We also went to the pool on two of the days and finally got Kaitlin to use her float and get back in the water!! Woohoo! For a really really long period of time, Kaitlin just didn't want to go into the water or use her float. I guess cos we hadn't been to the pool for a while, and then when we did she was not used to it so she didn't go in but has been playing by the side all this while. So her going into the pool, feeling afraid for awhile, and then kicking and laughing later was pure awesome. Not to forget, she was talking about how she wanted to go to the pool "tonight" and "tomorrow".

Typing the above makes me wonder how did we even get through the busy month. I'm kind of glad January is over and am looking forward to the new month (it's already 3 days into Feb!) but I'm also regretting that I didn't make full use of Jan. Well, too late for regrets so I'm definitely diving into Feb and I hope I don't get distracted midway and lose my momentum.

Here's to a Fabulous February! P.S. 10 more days till one of my favourite days - Valentine's Day! Don't judge, I'm a sucker for romance.

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