Sunday 28 September 2014


Babygirl is three years old! Well, she turned three on 17th September and this post is coming in super late. I took these photos of her a day after the qtpie turned three.

Usually every month, I would take pictures of Kaitlin on the same chair to document how much she has grown and to record her milestones, but I thought for this month I would do something a little different!

I super love her in this dress from The Sunshine Kids. I find it super befitting for this mini photoshoot I did for her to celebrate her turning three. I find that Kaitlin turning a month older is always something to celebrate and be happy about, what's more when she turns a year older!

For her development this past month,

Kaitlin has been imitating us even more than usual, and she picks up our actions and mannerisms super fast
She is able to come up with excuses
She's pretty good at talking back and carrying on a conversation
Is able to give instructions on how to do certain things like how to go about washing hands, where to put shoes
Will tell someone if they aren't doing something right like "you cannot sit on the table, need to wash feet first" etc.
She can be quite the persistent and stubborn little girl (wonder who she got that from!)

Can hop with one leg
Is able to find her way to get to somewhere or something. For example, she would push the chair on her own so that she will be tall enough to climb onto the bed.
Kaitlin is able to fold the sleeves of her shirts and the bottom of her pants
Likes to clean up spills and put things back in order
Likes to play cooking and cook for us. She'll even set up the table with utensils

Babygirl has been enjoying fish, broccoli, grapes and pears this month and has discovered the awesomeness of jellybeans
She ate her birthday cake this year and enjoyed it alot (compared to last year where she wasn't into cake at all)
Is able to identify certain vegetable, fruits, colours, shapes and everyday objects in English and Chinese
She likes to ask how to say "______" in Chinese
Knows the meaning of "above", "below", "on top", "more", "less"
Like to form basic shapes with her hands, like triangle and circle

I wouldn't say that the past year has been exactly easy looking after Kaitlin. You would think that as kids grow older they'll be easier to look after, but it's not really the case.  There will be periods where the days feel exceptionally long, and you feel totally worn out and can't figure what it is that your child wants or what you can do for him/her. I felt that way, and still do feel that way. Especially during the time when Kaitlin was approaching her third birthday, those few weeks were real crazy. In fact, she's still throwing her tantrums, but thankfully (i hope i don't jinx it!) it's been getting better. 

Though it's been one crazy year, it was also another awesome year with the little one. I have said it many times that it's the best thing to be able to witness your child's firsts, and be there for him/her especially during their early years. I feel like there isn't anyone better than their own parents to care for them. 

Watching Kaitlin grow and learn has been wonderful. I love our days at home where we laze in bed on weekend mornings, our wet market and supermarket trips and visits to the playground. I enjoy learning and exploring with her and also bonding with her while we read books together (though I'm not the kind that likes to read books). Sometimes, I'll put her on my lap or put my arm around her and lean her in close and I can see that smile one her face that she's happy just being close and spending time together. Of course, seeing that smile melts my heart. I like doing the usual routine care for her like showering and changing her, sending and picking her from school cos those are times when we can have short conversations about what's been happening and how she's feeling. I find it a joy to cook for her myself, and those times when she enjoys the food I cook I feel like I've hit jackpot with the fussy little eater. I enjoy having conversations with Kaitlin. Our conversations are usually hilarious cos she comes up with the funniest excuses or the cutest conclusions about stuff. It's through our conversations that I find out so much more about her - what she thinks, how she feels and what she perceives and processes from the things we do or the stuff she hears us speak about. 

It's such a joy to be this close to Kaitlin, and I hope our mommy daughter relationship will stay this way even in the future. I honestly fear the teenage rebellious years that will come, especially after the many bouts of tantrums this past year..but when that comes hopefully we'll be able to figure things out and maybe, just maybe I might be able to guide her in the right way and she might not be all that rebellious *fingers crossed* For now, I'm just going to enjoy her toddler years. Her baby years and folds of baby fats went by so fast, and I feel like it would be the same for her toddler years. 


To my little sweetheart,

Oh you little princess! You sure know how to get your way at times and even though you can make me so very angry, I can never stop loving you. I admit I get annoyed with you when you don't listen to me especially after repeated warnings, and when you don't co-operate, but I can never really stay angry with you for very long. I know you might think I don't love you when I discipline you, but the thing is we can have fun times, but there will be times where mommy has to teach you right from wrong. I know it's not easy, and being a toddler can be pretty hard. You're learning new things everyday, and have to adapt to changes and aren't able to fully express how you feel. Don't worry babygirl, we'll get through this phase together. Just look at how we are celebrating your third birthday already! We got through the acid reflux, with you vomzing all over me. We've gone through the times when you were ill, the period where you were teething. Not forgetting, the time when you were starting preschool and when I weaned you off breastfeeding. With that said, it also means that it's been three whole years that I've been a mommy and you have made this parenting journey so meaningful and full of joy for me. Though you are only three, you've taught me so much and made me a better person than I was before. I am so very thankful to have you in my life and even more thankful that you are happy and healthy. I can't wait for more adventures with you and spend more happy, sad and angry moments. I'll be here for you catch you when you fall, to be the cheerleader in your life and encourage you, to be the one to teach you right from wrong, to be your listening ear and offer you all the hugs and kisses that you'll ever need.  I'll always, always love you <3 


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