Wednesday 8 October 2014

Mid-Week Musings

I'm pretty particular when it comes to anything concerning Kaitlin, some might think that I need to chill a little but honestly I don't see how certain decisions like being concerned about her diet affects Kaitlin negatively.

Since babygirl was able to eat solids, I've been cooking for her from scratch. The number of times she has eaten baby food from jars or packets sold at supermarkets can be counted with less than the fingers on one hand. I'll also select organic products for her if they fall under the 'Dirty Dozen' or aren't overpriced. Kaitlin doesn't eat alot, so this does not really affect our expenses. Besides that, I also try to avoid salt, sugar and other artificial flavourings when cooking for her. This also means we hardly cooked frozen food for her as well. When it comes to eating out, I usually pack food for her from home. In the past year, I've slowly moved away from being so particular to being a little more open to Kaitlin trying new foods and eating outside food as well. Yes, this includes fries, cake and chocolate. I do think it is good for her to try new tastes and explore and enjoy food. However, when it come to food with a high sugar or fat content or that have been artificially flavoured, I do try to keep the amount she consumes to a minimum.

Well, as you might have guessed, Kaitlin has yet to try a jelly bean. In fact, I rarely ever let her have sweets..the most she has eaten is chocolate. So having a jelly bean is kind of like her first candy experience besides marshmallow which she only got to try cos her Godpa bought her some. In a way..this was kind of a milestone for babygirl and us and I just had to record it for memory sake!

I love how she is so chill in the video. She did enjoy the jellybean but she was so calm about it in the video like, "yeah it's just a jellybean, no biggie" but I bet she was so happy that she was secretly doing somersaults in her mind. Obviously, after trying her first jellybean, Kaitlin wanted more over the next few days and kept asking for it and always got super excited. By chance we lost the tube of jellybeans (really! I'm not that evil to dump it!), so well she hasn't had any recently but she's been asking..we'll see how things go. Definitely do not want her to get addicted to candy but a few once in awhile is alright, as long as she brushes her teeth!

I think I'm probably one of the super rare few parents who's so particular about their kid's diet, but hey I just want her to grow up healthy and not have problems like tooth decay or have to deal with obesity right! Just being a (perhaps overly) concerned mom, don't judge. Afterall every parent has their own parenting ways, and for now I think it's pretty alright to let Kaitlin enjoy her childhood and get to have treats once in awhile, but not always! Her veggies, meat and grains still got to be part of her main diet. 


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