Monday 24 November 2014

Our Up and Down Weekend!

Our weekend started of pretty good and in fact we had quite some fun on Saturday evening. We had gone out for dinner and babygirl finished the dinner I prepped for her real fast and then went on to have some fries and fried mantous.

Maybe abit too much food that we had to tell her not to have too much lest she feels bloated and unwell. She complained of her tummy hurting a little after we left but after awhile the pain was gone and she was back to having fun.

See the christmas tree above? She saw it and immediately wanted to take a photo with it! When I say she wanted, I mean like Kaitlin actually asked me to help her take a photo. Kaitlin happily went on her own to the tree and was alright with me being a distance away while trying to take a full length shot of her. So cute that she's getting into the Christmas spirit! Yayy!!

We continued on with our usual bedtime routine for her and everything was fine and dandy..till the middle of the night.

First, I woke up with an eczema flare up. So itchy, I couldn't stop scratching. I know, I'm not supposed to but it was so frustrating. That kept me up for quite a bit. I got out of bed and applied lotion then lavender oil and finally after awhile I was able to drift back to sleep.

Then somewhere through my sleep, I recalled Kaitlin's diaper being full long before I had even gone to bed and I realised I had forgotten to give her a diaper change before heading to sleep. I had planned to change it to avoid a peek leak like the previous night. Since I had forgotten, I had to drag myself out of bed to change it for her. It's normally not that hard for me to get out of bed so for me to drag myself out means that I was really worn out. Well, for the sake of Kaitlin's comfort and dry bedsheets + bed, I did it.

It was hard to go back to sleep after but I managed to. Then the next thing I new, I heard noises that didn't sound right. I woke up to see Kaitlin sitting up. Normally if something's not right she would wake me up to tell me but she didn't. Thank goodness I heard her and found her to be vomiting out of nowhere. I immediately lifted her off the bed so she could vomit in the toilet. I felt relieved that I managed to get her to the toilet in time to avoid another mess but turns out that she had already vomited on her bed and on my blankie D:

I woke Daddy Li and we cleaned Kaitlin up and changed the sheets then back to bed. Shortly after, Kaitlin wanted to vomit again. Luckily she managed to inform me and we got to the toilet just in time.

Kaitlin woke up fine next morning and I thought that she might have been feeling slightly better but nope. A few bites after brekkie and she vomited again. She was feeling pretty down as well. Not her usual energetic self. We tried many ways to get her to smile and she seem better, but it was very on and off.

We had wanted to bring her to the doctor but since she seemed better we wanted to monitor the situation first. We went out to eat and after a few bites of feeding her she suddenly puked again. This was after feeding her super slowly and I didn't even let her finish all of her food and got her to tell me when she would like to stop eating. So there she was puking in public. I panicked a little but reminded myself that the best thing to do was stay calm and clear the mess. Kaitlin did great! No tears and she was super calm. She still asked me if we had extra clothes. Thank goodness she didn't freak out.

So there. 4 vomits and I decided that was it. I wasn't going to wait till the next day. We were going to bring her to docs right away. I couldn't bear to see her vomit the rest of the day and just simply puke almost everything that was fed to her. She had low energy and was not her usual chirpy self. From the different times she has been ill, this time seemed pretty serious and she looked like she was in real discomfort. I felt a huge sense of relief after bringing her to the docs. So thankful for docs that open on Sundays! Such a lifesaver. Turns out it was a viral infection that left her vomiting.

While on our way to the docs, Kaitlin lit up when we walked past 2 playgrounds that were near the docs and mentioned it to her.  She remembered it after seeing the docs and asked to go. So Daddy Li waited for her meds and made payment while I brought her for a short while. During that 5 minutes, she finally started to cheer up a little more. So yes, while it is not advised to bring kids to the playground when they are ill, I do think it's alright to head out or play for a little while. Distracts them, and it may make them feel happier. Even if it's for short while, that Kaitlin is happy it's better than seeing her not happy at all.

To be honest, I was feeling bummed that we had a good Saturday then all this had to happen. One moment Kaitlin was having so much fun and the next she was unwell :( I wanted to her to have an awesome weekend, esp with what's been happening recently. I hate seeing Kaitlin so down and feeling uncomfy so it was such a fantastic feeling seeing babygirl cheer up again.  As a mom, I felt so helpless that there was nothing I could do and I didn't know what to do other than to Google how to help her with the vomiting.

Good news is that babygirl is feeling better now after three rounds of meds, so I decided not to give her meds for the time being. Crossing my fingers that she will be fine and I won't have to give her anymore later on/tomorrow morning.

I let her skip her weekend class yesterday but I brought her to school this morning and she seemed fine while on our way there. I know quite a risk, but I didn't want her to have the concept that if she was ill, she wouldn't have to go to school. Not that she doesn't like school, but at times she can get pretty attached and would want to be by my side just like this morning. She's recently been in a phase of giving excuses/exaggerating to get her way at times. Of course, I'm not always sure when it's serious so I try to play it by ear. At times I give in cos I'm not sure if she's making it up or it's the truth. So I made the decision to just go ahead and let her attend school despite her saying she wants to stay home and rest. I made sure to tell her teacher the situation and to call me if anything happens so I would rush over and pick her up. Turns out, she was perfectly alright in school. Ate her meals like normal and energy level was normal as well. This afternoon and evening she was back to her energetic and mischievous self! So very glad and relieved that she's back to normal so fast :D Nothing makes a mommy more happy than seeing her baby happy and healthy! Don't you agree? :D

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