Tuesday 13 January 2015


This year, Kaitlin moves up to N2!!

How time flies eh? Kaitlin has been in the same preschool since she was 18 months old.

She started from their playgroup class and has been learning and growing with some of the same few friends, plus making friends with new classmates. Don't you agree that she looked so young and innocent? Well, *cough cough* now it's a different story altogether!

The above picture was her first day when she started N1. Still looking super small! I remember she was like the same height as some of the playgroup kids, and that for the first half of that year, people kept thinking that she was in Playgroup! People like the non-teaching staff at her school, parents and the older kids.

Before 2014 ended, Kaitlin had already been introduced to her new classroom as well as her teachers for the new year. I think this is a great step by her preschool to get them accustomed to the changes before the new year hits and they have to deal with even more changes, like new classmates and the new curriculum etc.

First day of N2! Like helloooo? How did she grow up so fast?! :')

Well it's been a week since Kaitlin has started N2 and I'm happy to report that she's being doing good. To be honest, the teachers don't tell me much so I've to be the kiasu and be an overly concerned parent and do lots of asking. I guess if I look at it from another point of view, it's a good thing that they've nothing to tell me too right, cos it means she is doing fine.

So far the comments have been that Kaitlin is a good girl who is very "dong shi". She's been mingling with her friends. Of course there are the disagreements and all, but in general she is more sociable than before. I've witnessed it myself and that's one of the progress that I've been so happy to see! My once shy and reserved babygirl now looks forward to school to meet her friends. In fact, she would even talk about them at home, and tell us which toy she wants to bring to school the next day to show which friend. Kaitlin also has a group of friends that she seems to be spending most of her school time with. I guess it's both a good and bad thing. I'm not gonna pressure her cos it's already very good that she's stepped out of her comfort zone. This year, I'm just gonna encourage her to hang out with the other kids as well. I'm sure she should be able to do. Seeing that we gave her all the time she needed to feel comfortable and have always encouraged her to socialise, I'm pretty optimistic that everything will fall into place. Her teachers have also mentioned that she would help her new friends out like helping them to push in their chairs. It's always definitely nice to hear things like that, cos it means that Kaitlin has been listening to us when we tell her to make her new friends feel welcome and to help them adjust to settling down in school.

Having dropped Kaitlin off in class for the first few days of school, I've got to admit it's been pretty chaotic. Lots of worried parents, and lots of crying kids. Totally understand, cos hey been there, done that. I thought Kaitlin would be affected and start missing me when she saw the other parents staying on in the class, but she was totally fine with it. What with the current HFMD issue at school, I can't send her to her classroom, and can only drop her at the entrance but babygirl has been totally ok with it to and is able to find her own way to her new classroom herself. Which by the way, is all the way at the end of the hall.

Since Kaitlin is still on half-day programme at her school, I was pretty concerned with how Kaitlin is keeping up. Especially since in N2, the curriculum is going to be a little bit more intensive. More academic focused D: I know right. Even though Kaitlin's not feeling stressed cos she probably doesn't know how lessons are going to be like for the rest of the year, I'm feeling super stressed. It's like they are going to learn the Chinese writing strokes. I don't even remember learning that till I was K1 or K2.

In fact, Kaitlin just had her first show and tell in English today and soon she will be doing it in during Chinese classes. Even though it's a once in awhile kind of show and tell not those weekly kind (phew!), it's like whoa, so fast! My tiny baby is all grown up and doing show and tell now. I kind of went through a little (while on our way to school!) with her on what she could share about her family based on her teacher's suggestion and now I'm just looking forward to hearing what her teacher has to say about how Kaitlin was like during show and tell.

Tbh, I'm feeling worried that I can't keep up with what's she going to be learning so that I can revise with her and help her with it. So I guess this year, I might have to step up with the home learning. Imagine N2 like this, K2 how?! Gosh, I don't even want to think about it. Thankfully though even though it's only been a week, her teachers have commented that while she is in half-day programme, Kaitlin is able to understand what's being taught and is able to keep up and it's pretty good that she can despite missing out on what's covered in the afternoon class.

I hope things stay this way, and if anything that I hear more positive comments from her teachers. I'm kind of afraid that there'll be a day where I hear of her having lots of disagreements with her friends or being rude and having an attitude. Cross lots of fingers that won't ever happen.

N2 seems like a pretty exciting year for the bub, cos she is becoming increasingly aware of what's happening around her and is able to communicate so much more than before! I just can't wait to hear about all her stories of school everyday :D I hope that despite the lots of new things Kaitlin is going to be learning this year, that it will still be an awesome and fun year of learning and exploring!

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