Monday 9 February 2015

Float Upgrade!

Over the weekend...babygirl upgraded from her baby float!! It's been quite sometime that we should have given her a float upgrade cos Kaitlin's been getting bigger and the floats have been hurting her thighs a little. Here's Kaitlin when she was much smaller in her baby float gifted from Godma Kar Yan:

and this was the one I bought her:

Hehe the goggles lolll! The above picture was taken sometime last year! Then..this happened over the weekend:

Initially Kaitlin was super afraid of the new float that I got her as part of her xmas present. Back during xmas she was excited about it, but we hadn't had the chance to go to the pool till this weekend! So we decided to let her try it out. 

She was too keen at first and made noise. Kaitlin even told us that she was afraid and wanted to come out. Had to reassure her that it would be alright. I held her then slowly let go. Then I decided to use distractions like singing songs and then playing our usual pool game of getting caught by the monster. It wasn't too long that she was kicking on her own for short distances. She was still afraid and in betweens she would make her "eh eh eh" noises. 

After a few successful rounds of playing catching in the pool with her float, she was a little more reassured. I suggested that we should swim from one end to the other together. So there she was kicking in her float and us next to her. We spurred her to kick faster by seeing who could reach first and at times we did let her win of course! Should see the smile on her face when she reached first. She thought she was so awesome, and of course she was! Like helloooo, conquering your fear in 30mins is pretty good. Okay, that's probably me being bias but I still think her trying a new float and letting go of her fears so fast is a feat. I think I would have taken longer if I was her.

After a few rounds back and forth across the pool, we let her kick around in the pool on her own. She was totally cool with it for a while, then she asked us to join her. At times she even let go of her hands from the float for a bit (just like in the above pic) and asked us to look! 

Looking forward to more pool trips with the bub! I wanna help her overcome her fear of water and enjoy playing in it. Hopefully after that, we might be able to start swim lessons. Swim lessons aren't confirmed but whether or not she has swim lessons in future, I still think that it would be good for her to get over her fears when she's young and not end up fearing it till when she's a teen or even for life. 

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