Wednesday 14 October 2015

Kaitlin is FOUR!

Time literally just flew past, and Kaitlin’s already F-O-U-R!

Turning F-O-U-R’s a pretty big deal if you ask me! It’s the age where there’s no hardly a thing as sudden uncontrollable toddler tantrums or more commonly known as the “terrible twos” which sometimes stretch to when they’re three. It’s in the age where communication is possible and I can have an actual conversation with Kaitlin complete with doses of humor injected by her. It’s also the age where they she's more aware of her surroundings and where the usual pacifying and “bargaining” doesn’t really work anymore.

I’ve got to be completely honest and say that the past year was much more of a breeze than the previous year where Kaitlin had a huge bout of tantrums. With lots of crossed fingers and breathing in and out from me, and frequent visits plus the occasional bum smacking..we got through it. That phase, is over. Well, it does happen every now and then but reduced by more ten folds and I’m so thankful for it cos I was literally going crazy and asking myself when will this phase be over. I’m sure for Kaitlin too, it’s a huge relieve. I mean which kid likes having to deal with complicating emotions and being unable to express themselves right? Plus, who likes being sent to the naughty corner?

And now..I have an adorable mix of a fiesty girl who’s fast, funny, and yes..fickle. Now I can’t always make the decisions for her, and with her having an increasing mind of her own, I would also rather let her have the freedom to choose what she wants and make decisions..which make not always be the wisest things to do cos she can be a real fickle pickle. One minute she wants to wear pants and the next she wants to wear a dress. One moment she wears her crown out of the house, complete with me nagging “are you sure about that” and a reminder that I’m not going to be looking after it for her if she decides to not want to wear it anymore which she firmly agrees to, and five minutes later out of the house she removes the crown and decides she doesn’t want to be a princess anymore. Like what?! How can anyone be so fickle? Well the answer is, kids! 

Then there’s her being funny. This girl has a huge sense of humor or maybe all kids are like that, I’m not sure but this girl surely cracks us up so much and they way she replies sometimes makes us feel like we are talking to an adult. Like you can’t imagine the comebacks she has and just how much she absorbs our conversations even when they aren’t directed at her and she just brings it up in her own context that is almost always hilarious. She’s also always up to her own antics ranging from doing the silliest things to the sweetest like comforting me. 

She can also be quite the fireball. When she’s angry, she gets real mad and then almost always ends up crying. I think I know who she gets this from *oops* but I mean a child getting mad cos she didn’t get to make her milk cos she didn’t even say she wanted to until it was already made, or getting really upset and then starts crying just cos we were playing and teasing each other then she decides it’s not funny anymore? I predict her future boyfriend’s going to be kept real busy, and well all the best to him!

So yes, that’s Kaitlin. In the past year, she’s gotten more brave and became more outgoing. Hurray for that and that’s one less worry on my mind. While she can’t always control her emotions, she is aware of them and not just her emotions but those of others. For example, she notices when I’m feeling down and offers me her hugs and kisses. She comforts me when she sees that I’m having a tummy ache and brings water for me :’) how to not be touched I ask you? Not feeling physically okay, must also feel okay when your daughter puts in so much effort right? She’s also matured in a way and been more understanding than before. Though not always, but when I explain to her that I need her cooperation, she understands more than before and co-operates.

At 4, this girl's favourite colour's pink, on top of orange and purple. Idk why orange and purple but she has always gravitated towards those two colours. She doesn't watch much cartoons and her attention span for them is pretty short other than for Barney! She's into accessories like hairbands, sunglasses and crowns. Yes, she is becoming a girly girl! She also likes to choose what to wear out. Kaitlin enjoys hitting the pool and loves to swing. She still loves her tamago sushi, chawanmushi and most noodle dishes! Lately, Kaitlin's been pretty into snapchat! She loves to doodle and add emojis and now with the selfie filters, she loves it even more. Esp the scary ones! She has a laughing good time with those, and with the more "child-friendly" ones she tries them out and asks for the scary ones again. Sadly, they only last a few days so she's been pretty neutral with the current ones. This girl also knows the "drill" before we nom when we are out. She knows that mommy over here likes to take pictures before we eat, so she'll remind us of that sometimes and even helps to push in the dishes! Mommy's little helper this one. I think I got me a tiny social media user here. Kaitlin's also not as afraid of bubbles as before! She loves to play with bubbles in the shower and there are no longer tears when the water gets into eyes! In fact, now she likes it when I use the shower baton to spray water at her face. Speaking of which, the bub loves tickles! She'll even ask us to tickle her and readily raise her arms. She'll shout "stop! stop!" midway and then when we do she'll ask us to tickle her all over again. I think the funniest of all her antics has got to be the way she speaks! When conversing in Mandarin, she sometimes speaks with a slang, and when she uses Singlish terms, it's real funny. I do tell her to try to omit the "la" and "leh" and now she's the one telling me not to say them! She also copies some of our lingo and when she says it, it's pretty funny. What's funnier is the when she comes up with reasonings and excuses and when she answers back. It's like how does she even think of all these things to say when she's so young! 

It's so amazing how fast Kaitlin has grown in a matter of four years. As cliche as it sounds, it's really when people say you can't turn back the clock and enjoy those early years with the kids and how you wouldn't want to miss out on all the moments. Despite it being draining at times and emotionally taxing, watching Kaitlin grow up and having such a close relationship with her the last four years were the best. She's taught me so much about life and motherhood, which I doubt I could learn any other way!


Dear Kaitlin,

Happy Birthday!! This is late but no matter how late, birthday wishes have to be said! Plus, I'm always celebrating on the inside when you make an achievement no matter how big (like conquering your fear of jumping into the water) or small (like being able to colour neater than before)! You're 4 now! Such a big girl :D Mommy will definitely always miss you at your different stages, from being a wee newborn to how you are now. I always feel a little sad inside when I see how fast you grow cos truth is I don't want you grow up so fast :') I know that in time to come you'll want your own space, and perhaps our mommy-daughter relationship won't be as close. But I'm still very happy to see you grow up and become a brave and helpful girl. And I know there will come a day or rather there will be times where you just don't want or need me anymore to be there for you. You'll grow up and lead your life, and the less I'll be a part of it..but no matter whether you want me or need me there in your life, one thing's for sure that no matter how old you'll always be my daughter. My firstborn who has taught me so much in life and who made me realise what unconditional love is. And that's the kind of love I have for you. Thank you for adding so much laughter and joy into our lives. Thank you for being you. Humourous, caring, a hyper ball with your occasional moodswings and coupled with some of your habits that we don't really like but still love you for. You're so very special to us and you always will be. Now and in future. Forever. What makes Mommy the happiest is seeing you happy and healthy, and I hope that you'll always have that cheeky smile on your face! Mommy loves you alot. To the moon and back and then back to the moon a thousand times more before it comes back to where you are, to where your heart is <3

(we took this on the last day you were three!)

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