Thursday 15 October 2015

Kleenex Ultra Soft Moist Toilet Tissue

Lately I've been trying to lighten the load of our bag when we head out as it’s been pretty difficult carrying our bag and managing a now more grown up and active Kaitlin. There’s also sometimes the additional weight of shopping and grocery bags. We have a stroller but I don't usually bring it out now that Kaitlin’s able to walk longer distances and also to avoid the hassle of carrying a stroller on my own up and down staircases and buses so that means no weight dumping on the stroller.

So as much as possible I try to pack light which can be pretty tricky as I always like to make sure we are prepared for any situation. For example, while Kaitlin's off diapers already, I do still carry one or two in my bag every time we go out just in case of emergencies like when we're in the middle of somewhere with no restroom and the bub needs to go urgently. There’s also snacks and a jacket in the bag in case she gets hungry or cold. On top of that, our bag also includes a whole list of what I deem necessities like tissue paper, wet wipes and water bottles (one for Kaitlin and one for me), wallet and more. Each of these items don’t weigh a lot but for some reason when everything’s packed in the bag it weighs a ton D:

Recently though, Kleenex sent over their media kit which included their latest product - the Kleenex Ultra Soft Moist Toilet Tissue and I'm so glad that I’m now able to take one weight off the bag and my aching shoulders! Wet wipes are super essential in my bag since Kaitlin was a newborn and even till now when Kaitlin's toilet trained.

The media kit included some findings of the bathroom habits of Singaporeans that I thought were pretty shocking! In case you're interested here's an infographic of it!

(credit: Kleenex)

I've started to teach Kaitlin how to wipe herself clean after she has used the toilet using the dry + wet approach of using toilet paper first then wet wipes to ensure her bottom area is clean. I'm glad that the new Kleenex Ultra Soft Moist Toilet Tissue has a nice scent but one that's not so overpowering. The wipes have been soft and gentle enough for Kaitlin to use. There's no worry that these alcohol-free wipes will dry out Kaitlin’s skin and cause rashes as these soft sheets are hypoallergenic and contain mild natural Chamomile and Green Tea extracts to help sooth the skin. They wipes are also moistened by 9-step purified water that ensures even minute particles are filtered. The last thing I want is for Kaitlin to have rashes that could have been avoided cos I’m sure it’ll be very uncomfortable for her.  Also, it's easy for Kaitlin to use and dump into the toilet bowl when she is trying to clean herself as these wipes disintegrates when flushed.

Kleenex Ultra Soft Moist Toilet Tissue wipes come in two different size - a 10-sheet pack ($1.25) and a 40-sheet pack ($3.80).

I really like the 10-sheet pack as it’s so light and convenient! Plus it doesn’t take up much space in the bag which means I can bring it out even when I’m carrying a smaller bag when we a quick trip to the supermarket or even keep it in my pocket when we are playing at the park. I can also put it in Kaitlin’s bag for her to carry herself and not worry about the weight that she has to carry. Since Kaitlin’s birth to now, I’ve tried a variety of wet wipe brands and the ones that are gentle on her skin and have stuck to using, don’t product wet wipes that come in a small pack like the 10-sheet pack from Kleenex. As such, I’ve been having to lug the big pack out and when it’s a new pack it can be pretty heavy. Now though, the Kleenex Ultra Soft Moist Toilet Tissue meets my expectations of a safe and suitable wet wipe to use and solves the weight and space issue in my bag :D Sounds like such a small matter, but hey one weight down is always better especially since we I usually head out one-on-one with the bub and I’m sure fellow moms will agree!

Kleenex Ultra Soft Moist Toilet Tissue is available at all major supermarkets, with the 10-sheet pack going at a promotional rate of just $1 till the end of the year!

If you aren't sure whether the Kleenex Ultra Soft Moist Toilet Tissue will be suitable for yourself or your child's skin, you can get a free sample to try out from now till mid-October. Simply head over here and register your details.

Disclaimer: We were sent a Kleenex media kit which included the Kleenex Ultra Soft Moist Toilet Tissue to try out. All content (except inforgraphic) and opinions are my own and were not influenced by any external factors. 

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