Saturday 9 January 2016

StickerKid Labels - Review + Discount Code!

It's the first week of school which also means that many of us parents have probably been busy getting our kids ready for school! Pep talks, buying new school items and of course labelling them.

If you already have school going kids, you would know totally understand how often it is that our kids would come home with missing socks or bring back someone else's uniform, which is why labelling is so super important. And even after having labelled the school items, we parents still sometimes face the same old issues because the labels have rubbed off or peeled off. Then we have to go through the process of re-labelling the items again >.< I also have to admit that I've horrid handwriting, so I really would much rather have the labels typed out than handwriting them myself!

To save time and hassle, you would really be much better off getting good quality labels that are durable and StickerKid is one such reliable brand that produces name labels that are long-lasting and lets you customise from a variety of designs.

StickerKid has a range of sticker labels for every possible need, from labels for stationery items to clothing labels and even labels for shoes! These Swiss-made labels come in different sizes and are washing machine, dishwasher and microwave safe.

What I really love about the StickerKid labels is that they have worked really well and I've had no issue of having to replace them. Better yet, I get to chose the colour of the labels and typography making them fun and vibrant compared to just plain old boring labels. Kaitlin really likes the pictures too! 

Another cool customisation is that you are able to add your child's Chinese name onto the labels, an option which not many sticker label brands out there offer. You can choose to add them on the line below the English name like what I have done in the above picture. I have edited it out for privacy reasons, but the placement of the names would be like the above. I like the fact that I can have Kaitlin's Chinese name on the labels as it serves as a reinforcement to help her recognise the Chinese characters in her name whenever she uses her school items. 

Having tried out the clothing labels, they are easy to iron-on and have thus far been lasting through the machine washes. The great thing about the StickerKid clothing labels is that they can be easily removed by using a hot-iron. 

I personally feel that shoe labels are an optional item but good to have. I previously never labelled her shoes as I didn't see a point and I had the fear that people who know Kaitlin's name just from the looking at her shoes and pretend to friend her by calling out her name. Yes, I got paranoia issues, but hey, kidnapping is real and it's better to be safe than sorry ok!

Well, these insole labels means that I don't have to worry about that anymore as they are only visible when Kaitlin removes her shoes and that's only when she attends school or classes which are all in a generally safe environment. 

Oh and to add on as to why I have begun to use shoe labels, it is because we previously faced an issue of Kaitlin taking someone else's shoes that were exactly identical to hers from school. We only realised that when the school called up to say that Kaitlin's pair was too small for the other child and realised the mix-up. Yes, as much as we think the odds of someone wearing the same shoes on the same day is highly unlikely, it happens! 

Even though the first week of school has just ended and you have labelled most of the school items, you probably may have realised that more items need to be labelled or that some may have sadly not lasted through the crazy first week so it's never too late to get them labels. StickerKid offers customers the option to choose labels for specific needs or you could get a combo pack which includes a variety of labels which was what we were kindly sponsored with!

Better yet, for all Hello Little Sunshine readers, here's a special 10% discount code for you! Simply key in 10discountSGSTICKERKID before you checkout your items! Happy shopping away :)

Disclaimer: We were kindly sponsored StickerKid name labels for the purpose of this review. All content and opinions are my own and were not influenced by any external factors. 

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