Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Feb [ in pictures ]

February came and went pretty fast! CNY is usually not my fave holiday of the year. In fact I dread it so much I start feeling annoyed about it from around the Christmas period cos you know after Christmas, New Year's just passes by with the blink of an eye and then C N Y. Well, this year I decided that may be I should try not to hate so many things in life, and try to accept it and well make the most out of it? Like you can't control certain things in life and looking at it negatively just drains you, so like why not try to find the positive parts of it and like find happiness within? At this point, if you are judging why am I talking like this like I'm some life guru..I am not. I read something similar in one of the books I've been reading and from the occasional online articles and they generally say the same thing, and well I do feel that it makes a lot of sense. Idk, it just makes going through whatever you hate less draining, and less of a chore.

So this year, prepping for CNY was definitely more tiring than the last few years! Not only did we clean the house, but I also cleared some items away. Like throw. Not just re-arrange or re-organise, but yes I managed to declutter. Wow. So proud of myself pls.

If you've read my previous blog posts you would know, I am a self-confessed hoarder. I am a sentimental nut and yeah I just basically hate having to throwing away things. I even bought the KonMari book about tidying up and started reading it about a month before CNY to try and convince myself to declutter and that I will be fine. I obvs did not even get to 1/4 of the book, cos well I figured I need to declutter. Like do it, I ain't got time to read. So yeah, that book is sitting in the house and I will erm read it when I feel like it again. So yeah, besides throwing out some stuff, I also decided to do what I enjoy but am not so good at - cooking and baking!

I actually do like to cook and bake but they more often than not turn out to be quite fail than yay which puts me off cos I feel like I wasted not only time but ingredients so like why bother and waste the effort right? But this year, I decided if not now, when? Every CNY I see moms posting up pics of all the yummy CNY cookies that they have baked and like all the mouthwatering CNY dishes and I'm like gahhh I want to do that too and cook awesome delicious food that my family enjoys eating and that Kaitlin will look forward to eating whenever she comes home for dinner in the future. But there is always the reason that I've to clean the house for CNY and I'm tired by then and what if it turns out horrible and no one eats it then I got to finish all of it on my own. Well this year I decided to just do it. Nice or not just do it. Busy and tired from cleaning? Just do what I can! So while I had a whole long list of recipes I wanted to try out I really ended up doing like only 1/5 of what I had wanted but better than nothing. How did they taste? Well..the salted egg yolk cookies didn't turn out horrid they just tasted very homemade which I guess it's good depending on how you look at it! Well Kaitlin liked it and I was happy to let her have them cos I know what I put into them! I also made carrot cake which came out a little hard but taste wise it was yums. Just the texture. The niangao was good! I half-ed the portions so there won't be so much plus I know how much calories they contain but yeah it still turned out a little more than I wanted but it was actually nice despite me reducing the sugar amounts and I would totally do it again! I hate how the niangao you buy outside is so crazy sweet I can't go beyond 1 or 2 pieces at a go. Also, making it at home means it's fresher and I can use organic sugar so Kaitlin can enjoy it too!

According to Daddy Li the CNY dishes I cooked were that I guess he means edible and not horrid tasting but also not restaurant quality which..of course I am sad luh that he didn't say it's super yummy but like eh first attempt and he ate finish everything means I can give myself a pat on the back right? Hehe :D

So yes, I actually felt super tired from not feeling well in general and from cleaning, but I'm glad I had that fun cooking. It's a real nice feeling seeing your family eat the food that you cook and a bonus when they ask for more :) Makes it feel super worth it!

Well, this year's CNY was also little different from usual and not in a good way. Basically the husband and I had quite a bad argument that started from CNY eve and had a cold war for around a week. We didn't have reunion dinner together which is a first and really wtf but it's okay I'm over it. I had it with Kaitlin and well I just reflected a whole lot. I'm more or less over that we argued and the argument itself, cos well couples do argue and you can't just be more upset over it cos it happen to fall during a festive period or a holiday and be doubly sad about it. I mean first and foremost, it is an argument and you should be upset over it and not over when it happened because we can't always control when things happen. I just want to work on not arguing as much or letting conversations escalate into arguments and that if we do, to find a way to work on it and solve it.

Speaking of celebrations, I guess I couldn't be more happy this Valentine's Day cos jeng jeng jeng it actually broke our cold war. The husband ended up surprising me with dinner which I think was not meant to be a surprise but cos we had that cold war it ended up being that way. Also, I don't think he intended to end the cold war, but it happened yeah cold war over!

We went to Far East Flora to get more blooms cos I heart flowers and Kaitlin went along of course. It poured like mad when we were reaching so Kaitlin and I were pretty much stranded at the bus stop across the road while Daddy Li was on the other side. We waited for quite abit for it to get smaller and thankfully I managed to entertain the ever active bub. Kaitlin loved the cold room so much that she wanted to go back in again. I think she thinks its a floral playground lol.

Valentine's Day is definitely not the same ever since Kaitlin entered our lives, but I'm still very glad to spend it with her! I do miss the romantic candlelit dinners instead of the every three minutes interrupted dinners, but when I get all those hugs and kisses and little actions of love from the tiny one, ah it warms my heart so much!

Oh yes! I also made a day trip with KY to the +60 to get them nails did and to noms. JB has become my fave place to get my nails done cos it's really way cheaper and based from the usual nail salon I go to, the standards are about the same. Our plan to cafe hop did not materialise again because time was short and it also poured. This time though we tried a new eatery and it was so good and cheap!! Ate till we super baobao :D

Feb ended off on a exciting note! We went for our second family run, the My Little Pony Friendship Run thanks to media passes from SPRG and the organisers :) And yes, now we are already midway into March >.<

I had written this post halfway last week but I just got very :/ from writing it the part where Daddy Li and I fought that I didn't want to continue the post. I know I base alot of my actions on how I feel so when I feel lazy or down from doing something I won't do it till I feel like it. Hence, this very late post :/ It's my personal note to myself to be more punctual in posting up my monthly look back on the past month! I'll try for March!



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