Sunday 27 November 2011


Harro! Been awhile since my last post! So here are some updates!

On Saturday, after Lihai ended his driving revision lesson I met him in town for brunch!:) Headed over to PS. Cafe at Palais Renaissance. Was craving truffle fries the previous night, hence we went to settle my craving!:D Ordered the PS Brunch Burger and Truffle Fries! Omg it was so much that we couldn't finish the fries! Luckily we didn't order a brunch main each! 

After brunch, we headed over to UOB bank at Scotts to open a joint savings account! About time! We were planning to do it since like at least 6 months ago -.- finally getting it settled! For some reason, we ended up spending 2 hours there, listening to the banker tell us about savings and all that.. -.- should've just said no to listening. kinda realised it was a waste of time. not really a saver kinda person you see. saving has never really been my thing..I mean I rather not spend..or rather worker harder and earn more money to spend. I can't really force myself to like save up and then buy something. I would rather buy that something then replenish the know what I mean? Okay, I think I just made the whole thing really confusing..

Well anyway, headed back home usual it started to rain when we were gonna head home -.- hate the weather seriously! Took an afternoon nap and woke up to play with little Kaitlin. Had dinner, nuahed, watched some tv show, showered and headed out. Walked around town..and then went to the Jap sushi place at Cineleisure..we weren't being pigs okay! Just ordered a chawamushi, salmon sushi and age tofu. Took so freaking long for the food to come -.- like hello, 3 plates only! So we ended up missing probably like the first 10 mins of Twilight. After the movie, we went to get nuggets from Macs with the offer thingum! NOMXZ love Macs nuggets. Cabbed home, cos I was seriously too lazy to walk back..and we ended up eating nuggets and watching Material Queen. We have yet to finish even the first episode -.- cos either one or both of us will always be damn sleepy when watching it. Major fail. -.-

More about Twilight..Okay, seriously, the movie was really WTF?! Every year that Twilight comes out, Lihai and I will never fail to watch it together. Not that we are crazy fans or what, but we just like to watch it. It's like Harry Potter to us. Not huge fans, don't read the damn books, but we just watch the movie. Sad to say, it was really quite lame. Like I told Lihai, I might as well have watched a romance-drama kinda movie. Would be the same. Plus, fyi, it was the first movie we watched ever since I gave birth. Hello! Two freaking months plus, we didn't get to catch a movie, and when we was just plain lame! Feel so cheated! :( Don't even know when we are gonna get the chance to watch our next movie! Zz. Omg, really want to catch Alvin and the Chipmunks 3! Another movie that Lihai and I always watch together..let's hope we get to watch it and it doesn't turn out lame!

Slightly a month less to Christmas! So eggciting! Even though, honestly, I don't know what are our Christmas plans. Might be really lame like sitting at home, watching T..stoning and looking after Kaitlin..well, hopefully, it shall be more exciting than that, but really..Lihai and I don't know what to do! Esp cos with Kaitlin now, we gotta look after her, and going out would be a hassle esp with so many ppl in town and all. Plus it's not very good for her to be outside at night, and if she cries and throws her hissy fit that would be a real bummer on Christmas..shall come up with an awesome Christmas plan..hopefully!'s my second Christmas wishlist!:D hurhur! 

Obviously, items that I can't get hold of in SG :( Sephora doesn't want to bring them in! Well at least for the Karl Lagerfeld nail polish I know they aren't bringing in, I think they are bringing in the eyeshadow though. Not like I'm gonna use the eye shadow but I just think the design in really cool, and I would totally just buy it to put at home and stare at..but that's just wasting money, so I shall not! The snowglobe would end up being another item on my shelf, and if I bought it and left it there Lihai would complain/ if someone gives it to me, he can't say anything! *hint hint* *nudge* hurhur! But no lah,'s just an item on my wishlist, WISH..not a must-have. As for the Hello Kitty items, none of the stuff I want is available at Sephora in SG..checked twice already:(( sad face max. 

Okay, shall stop here. Actually feeling rather annoyed + grumpy + angsty. Thanks to the nanny! Grr. Can't wait for her to be gone --> this coming Friday. But, then that means it's just Kaitlin and me. Either I stay at my place and it will just be the two of us, or I move back to my in-laws. Too many pros and cons. D: sigh. hate doing things I don't want to do. Can already sense that I'm gonna be VERY angsty and irritated with either decision that I make. -.- Seriously hope that Lihai will get an 8-5 vocation. Would seriously solve my problems. Time, pls move faster. Can't wait for him to POP. And omg, the dreaded 6 days when he will be at field camp is coming soon :( /wrists

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