Sunday 12 February 2012

carter's + reebonz

The stuff I ordered from Carter's finally came:D okay lah, frankly it didn't take that long..but still..SUPER EXCITED. Thus..I decided to video it!


Besides that, Reebonz delivered the books/flashcards I ordered for her! Pretty fast and also they gave it in this giant bag! Makes it seem like I bought a branded bag..but no! I wish!

They are for like 9months & up and 18months & up! Got all stuff at only $62! Thinking of letting her look/read/play with the 9months & up stuff when she's 6 months old..maybe she has the potential to be a genius ^^ hurhur

Anw! look at Kaitlin on her tummy! She's grown so fast :'(

Now changing her diapers and clothes is a challenge! She will always try to wiggle and crawl away -.- and I can't  leave her on her own for too long cos she will end up like at the other side of the bed or something! Naughty girl much! Oh yes! Here are some other things she can do:

- reach for her feet
- put her foot in her mouth :O

- roll around & flip
- flips and turns in her sleep and intrudes into my space >.<
- scream
- fake cry -.-
- hold her milk bottle
- grabs really tightly
- occasionally knows how to old her pacifier and put it into her mouth
- kick actively

YES SHE CAN LAUGH! Babies can laugh at 4months and apparently they laugh the most during this month..but I think Kaitlin is secretly a grumpy kid and it takes super alot of effort to make her laugh! I actually filmed her first laugh or rather the first time we managed to make her laugh/discover her laugh! However its like quite a long video and might get kinda boring and I'm lazy to cut and edit haha perhaps another time!

Like I said, she's a real grumpy girl..and I was lucky enough to get this shot of her after she had woken up from a nap! So cheeky! *pinch cheeks* keke

Well, not too long ago, we went over to Val's and also met up with the girls + Ronald for brunch before Val left *inserts  :( face* Shall blog about the next time! :)

By the way.. Lihai is away at field camp. FIVE DAYS. D: + I'm gonna be lonelygirl91 this Valentine's cos he only returns on Thursday! WHAT IS THIS RIGHT?! Oh, life. Well, it's alr Sunday so hopefully the next few days pass by fast *cross fingers* and hopefully Kaitlin cooperates and behaves!

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