Monday 13 February 2012

you make it real for me

So before Val left, we all did some catching up! Wished I could spend more time with the girl before she flew off :(( sorry Val!

Anw, Val invited us over to her place during the CNY period. Decided to go despite feeling super unwell and Kaitxz was a lil ill, but I figured I rather see my friend before I never get a chance to so thus..we went over for a bit! Didn't take pics at her place..but yeah, there was sushi. Like we made our own sushi each..and also we had the healthy lo hei that Val's mom made! Second year in a row!:) Wish I could eat more but my tummy was not being nice to me!

Well, we headed back in the evening and here are some pics of KY with Kaitlin at the mrt while we waited for Lihai to go to the toils!

The ladybug dress very cute right? Hehe! My auntie bought it for Kaitxz as xmas present! Super adorbxz.

Following pics of Ronald with Kaitlin when he and Val visited me! So sweet of them :D:D <3 Wanted to surprise them at Lot One when I saw Val's check-in but it suddenly poured and I couldn't :( so near yet so far! After having not seen his goddaughter for about a month...

Disney princess angpow for Princess Kaitlin!

Met Val, KY and Ronald on the weekend for brunch at Marmalade Pantry at Ion:)

No offence, but they look really gay together! Haha!

 "Oh? Are you adults taking pictures of me?"

 "Okay! I shall act cute then!" *inserts cute face*

Act only lor this baby girl! Before that when we reached, ordering and eating she was making a fuss, people at the other table were staring. Seriously wanted to poke their eyes with my fork. Like I get it, you are atas, and have high paying jobs, career-minded and don't have kids. Or maybe, you are already the age of 30/40 are still a bachelor/bachelorette, can't find your soulmate cos you are so shitface ugly or have a bad personality cos you judge kids..or you are married but can't have kids cos you are mean people and that's karma for you. Seriously ah. Just cos I have a kid and I'm 20 and happily married means I have no money to eat here is it? Or that I don't have the right to eat there? Is there a sign that says no babies allowed?! Or, is there a law that says you can't bring your babies to restaurants? I THINK NOT. So pick up those forks that have been placed at your own tables and POKE YOUR OWN EYES. Shame on you adults! Plus the waitress, last warning seriously. Give us the "you sure you got money to dine here" attitude? Wtfffff. Do I look like I haven't showered for days and look like a beggar to you? Seriously. The service at marmalade pantry at the stables was way better. Worlds apart I tell you. I think I rather have a pony serve me than that stupid waitress. Argh. Anyway! Back to happy thoughts! FOOD!


My eggs any style + caramelized pear & salted caramel bread pudding was nomxz! Couldn't really taste the caramel..but it was still nice. Always love a decent bread pudding! The ice-cream, though not the star of the dish was super nice too! It was really light! Ronald ordered cupcakes to share as well! At first, I was like wtf $4.50 for a cupcake is pretty steep. But the cupcakes were so yummy! Love the peanut butter and the lemon one. The hazelnut choc was a lil sweet for me but Lihai liked it alot!

Speaking of which, he ordered the seared scallop linguine with tiger prawn bisque and it tasted damn horrible and according to him the scallop was like hard. He said I did a better job when I cooked him seared scallops for vday last year. Poor boy :(

Well after brunch, Ronald gave us a lift to my place cos I had to meet my uncle for awhile. Then after that, we went to toysrus at forum. Spent a damn long time there being damn fascinated with all the toys. Wanted to get everything for her but of course we didn't. Anyway, damn random but the baby room at forum is damn chio. Goes into my list of "to-go" baby rooms when in town! Besides that, it would be Paragon and Isetan.

Oh yes, in the end, we bought some activity table for Kaitlin so we ended up cabbing back home since there was so many things, and in case Kaitlin gets cranky along the way home..that's her leaning on her daddy!

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