Tuesday 3 April 2012

Kaitlin's sixth month


Hooray to turning half a year old my little one! It's sure been a journey ever since you were born in September, and really, HOW TIME FLIES. 

Everyday I'd use to think omg, when is it going to be the day where she is SIX MONTHS OLD!!! Please come faster, and well, a part of me, kinda misses her being so tinyyyyyyy and vulnerable. Don't get me wrong! Vulnerable in the sense where she could only lie down and not move about resulting in her less prone to accidents and injuries. The days where she would be sleeping half of it away, for example, sleeping throughout her first month celebration -.- 

So the baby girl finally turned 6 months, and as we have all been waiting in anticipation to start her on her first solid food! Well, the older people around us couldn't really wait and sort of gave her little stuffs here and there to taste/try..kinda ruined the moment for us..the moment where she has all her "firsts". We both got a little annoyed about this, esp since we read up and it has been recommended for weaning to begin at 6 months, though some parents do start earlier. Plus, less things to worry about don't you agree? Like don't have to really be afraid of allergies or if this veg/fruit has pesticide, how was the food handled before it was cooked and after..how to puree it, and how to cook it so that the nutrients are not lost etc etc..so honestly, idk why people are so eager..when well breastmilk has all the antibodies etc and you don't have to worry or fret about constipation and other problems..but oh well...Anyway, to us, 17 March it's still the first time she is trying solids! Or more specifically, her first spoonful of solids if you wanna be anal about it :D

So well, of course I had to use the dining set (is that what you call it?!) oh oh! TABLEWARE? Yeah, point being, Kaitlin's godmother, Enna bought this for her as her xmas present and well of course I was gonna use it for Kaitlin's first solids even though I purchase Skip Hop plates for her as well.

So pretty and PINKKKK! Fit for a princess!:D Not sure if you can see, but it comes with two plates, one bigger and one smaller, fork and spoon, a glass and a drinking sippy cup plus a dining mat! HOW AWESOME!!

Moving on..here is Kaitlin with the new Skip Hop bib we bought!! Superloveeee and super cute:D OWL HOOT HOOT!

Kaitlin trying to eat her bib! As usual..she wants to put everything into her mouth!

A little bit more about the tuck-away bib! Well, let's start off with the fact that it's not cloth/fabric material which makes it EASY TO CLEAN and EASY TO DRY! For now, I feed Kaitlin during lunchtime, and by evening or even a few hours later, its dry and ready for use again!:D So that means I don't need to buy that many bibs! 

Also, it has this catch-all pocket, which well basically collects all the mess that a baby would and could possibly make..so making meal times less messy. If you are out and about, it's even better cos you can store it without dirtying the rest of the stuff in your bag! So how it basically works is that you can tuck the bib into the built-in pouch like this:

TOO AWESOME and with the super cute and loveable animal characters..HOW TO RESISTTTTTT RIGHT?! Just so you know, I've got a Skip Hop bumblebee bag (first Skip Hop item we bought!), Skip Hop Bib and Skip Hop Plates :D KEKE! Wanted the Skip Hop mat but too expensive :((

Anw, look at us HAPPY CAMPERS:D

First solid food: Bellamy's Organic Baby Rice

Yes, yes, organic's the way to go! More expensive but worth it for the baby!:) It's really easy to use! All you need is the rice cereal, milk a spoon and a bowl! Just mix the cereal and milk and you are done! Of course, I'm referring to breastmilk or you can use formula milk. Not cow's milk pls! You are advised to only give cow's milk after they turn a year old.

Using the Nuby spoons my Aunt bought back from the States! It is a little hard to mix in the plate dish, so I would suggest using a bowl to mix food first cos there is more depth so it is easier to mix and stir..and then you can use the plate to feed your babies!

The consistency of the baby rice in the above pic is really thin. Did not want to make it too thick for her first feed as she has been used to drinking milk which is really thin..The trick is to slowly thicken it and increase the amount such that she will differentiate that it is a new food and not milk, learn to swallow without choking and taste new textures. Also, increase the amount till she is able to have one milk feed replaced. I haven't been able to replace a milk feed yet, but slowly trying and experimenting! It's a little hard especially when I've sort of become her human pacifier!

Back to feeding her...

Kaitlin getting all excited! See her hands touching the plate?

That's daddy trying to stop her before she spills everything! Did not managed to snap photos of her eating it for the first time, but well I've got more pics of her eating her other solids for the first time! :D

So far, Kaitlin has been taking well to Bellamy's. I think she got bored of it after a few days..but when she tried it the first time it was still a good experience for her and she seemed to like it! It has this rice smell when you open it, so it kinda gives me the assurance that not alot of chemicals were used..Also it comes in a resealable ziplock form, so it is easy for storing as well! You can get Bellamy's readily at any supermarket. I've seen it in most of the supermarkets I frequent..even NTUC and cold storage, but if you want to be sure to be able to get it, try the marketplace (might be a wee bit more expensive than at ntuc/cold storage from what I noticed). I think the local supermarkets usually stock more on Nestle and other brands, not all will stock organic baby products.  For example, the town NTUC has it, but the one at CCK doesn't. Or you can try places which sell baby stuff and foods like Vitakids or Love For Earth.

Here's the start of her weaning journey and to more food posts ahead!:D

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