Monday 9 April 2012

sick again

So, I'm having a cold again -.- barely recovered and I'm sick again. Don't know what is going on with my body system and tbh, I'm quite frustrated with how useless my body system is. Like seriously. You got to be kidding me. It is no joke looking after Kaitlin, imagine when you are ill. Feels like total crapness. That is not even a word. BUT NOW IT IS cos I simply feel like crap.

Her nap routine is all haywire. Everything is haywire. Zz. #majormotherfailmoment. What's more I will be going for driving lessons for the next 2 weeks cos my test is coming up. HOW TO GO FOR LESSONS LIKE THAT?! She is stickier than last time. Like way more sticky, and can't just chillll when I'm even gone for a second. -.- Yes, it is really sweet and I really feel all the loveeeeee, especially when she says "mmm--", "mamu--", "mama--" and "mehmeh--", but really.. when I really need to leave and do important stuff, this is no joke man. It's like my baby is am I suppose to feel she is in good hands when I'm gone when all she wants is me by her side. Sigh. Separation anxiety much. Yes, it is a normal thing but it's not fun at all!Blehhh:(

Seriously, I need to recover soon. Feel like crapppppp :'( BODY SYSTEM, PLS CO-OPERATE. KTHX BYE.

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