Monday 28 May 2012

Kaitlin's first puree!

This did not happen recently, and in fact, I should have blogged about this a long time ago..back when she was 6 months old! #badhabits

Kaitlin had her first puree back when she was 6 months old and it was Avocado and I still give it to her now just cos I think it is an awesome fruit and I don't like her to eat stuff that's very sweet if not she will develop a sweet tooth and want to devour cakes like me. That was also the same reason why I chose to give her Avocado first, instead of carrots, bananas and pumpkins which are also recommended first foods to give your babies! Thankfully she likes her avocados :D

Avocados serve as great first foods to start babies off with! What's more, it's super fuss-free! You don't need to cook it and get it blended into a smooth puree. All you gotta do is cut the fruit open and scoop it out and mash it with a fork/back of a spoon. Easy peasy, esp with a baby who cannot wait!

I rolled it before I cut it open cos I read somewhere that it is easier to scoop out the flesh or something along those lines..but not much difference in my opinion.

Since Avocados are not ripe when they are's important to know when it's ready to be eaten!
It's gotta be:
- dark green or even brown/black for some varieties like the Haas avocados
- should be firm, and yet soft to the touch (careful not to press it too hard as it might cause bruising)

Tips on how to make Avocados ripe faster:
- place them outside, no in the fridge (they ripen faster at room temp)
- let your Avocados make friends with bananas!

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