Tuesday 22 May 2012

One Year Anniversary - Part 1

A few weeks back, Lihai and I celebrated our first year anniversary! No, we didn't manage to have a staycation, nor did we manage to go for a holiday or celebrate it in extreme ways like other people usually would have done.  Due to having to serve the nation -.- and the babygirl, we opted for a more simple affair. Nevertheless, it was still fun and it was nice just spending time together :) Since our anniversary fell on a Monday, we celebrated on Sat and Sun instead!

Started Saturday day off with brekkie cooked by Lihai! Eggs & toast! :D 

Nuah-ed at home for a little while before we headed out for lunch. I was planning to bring him to Fullerton Hotel for Dim Sum. We had it before and he was saying that he wanted to eat it again..I only made reservations at the last minute..but somehow we managed to get a table. I was so happy, but hahaha the damn awesome thing was, I got confused with the two restaurants: Jing and Jade that I ended up making a reservation at Jing which is not located at Fullerton Hotel but at One Fullerton. Omg. Major WTF. Dumbest moment of my life. I only realised I booked wrongly when we reached Fullerton Hotel -.-

Anyway, prior to leaving the house, I told Lihai that we were gonna go to the marina area for lunch so he wouldn't guess that we were gonna go to Fullerton Hotel (supposedly -.-) for lunch. The plan was that we were gonna bus, so he doesn't know and would be surprised when I just tell him to get off the damn bus, but we were running late so we cabbed. Managed to tell the cab uncle to go to Fullerton Hotel without Lihai hearing cos he was putting the pram into the boot. Then on the cab ride, while we were almost nearing Fullerton Hotel, we were joking that we were gonna go have the dim sum at Fullerton Hotel, and Lihai was like "ya ya sure as if.."  then the cab uncle went, "turn here into Fullerton right?"..and then Lihai gave me the "Huh" face and I just gave him the HAHA yeah SUPRISEEEE face and told the uncle yes..and then his face went something like this:

So the boy was happy and excited and I was like:

Cos I managed to give him a good suprise....ONLY TO FIND OUT LATER ON that I booked the wrong place. *FACE PALM*

I kept wanting to go to Jade to try and see if there might be a table and all..but Lihai was all like "nah, it will be fine" and being really nice. SO SWEET <3 

Jing wasn't too bad! There was like peking duck, pig trotters, drunken chicken, jellyfish and other stuff at the buffet side and besides the dim sum we even ordered the chilli crab and soon hock fish cos it was part of the ala carte buffet. 

Lucky Kaitlin was being a relatively good girl and sitting down and eating her biscuits. She did make noise, and oh yes, she broke a plate -.- but Lihai and I both agreed she did a good job! We were there for nearly 2 hours I think and walked out super stuffed! Literally felt like a meatball!

Made Lihai take some pictures cos the scenery was pretty nice! He didn't wanna take pictures with the merlion..so we only have these shots:

Tourist-y much! I was telling Lihai that Kaitlin looks kinda like a statue cos she was like stiff and not looking at the camera..looks abit right!

After that, we didn't know how to get over to The Shoppes at MBS by bus or anything and it was sweltering hot so we decided to cab over. It was a really short ride and the cab uncle thought we were like tourists. Do we really not look like Singaporeans? I don't understand why cab uncles always think I'm not Singaporean. WHY.

Well, anyway, we ended up walking around and wanted to go to the Titanic museum thing but it already ended, and Lihai doesn't appreciate artsy fartsy stuff so we didn't go to the Andy Warhol one. It was nice walking around since the only other time we went there was to take our wedding photos. The place is really huge and I felt like I was dying while walking around. That's like really bad considering the fact that I enjoy window shopping -.- There's this like ice skating rink inside and the dumbest thing is that it was not made of ice. Seriously? And the prices at the foodcourt was really ridiculous. I don't get why people would even eat there. Better off eating at a restaurant if you ask me.

We knew that Kaitlin was gonna fall asleep soon so we placed her in her pram and had to endure her crying while walking around for awhile and then she fell asleep. (Y) The weird thing was that whenever we entered a shop, she would wake up and fuss..I GUESS IT WAS A SIGN. So we stayed out of the shops and just roamed around. Kaitlin started drooling and I decided to take a few photos. Future blackmail material if she refuses to do her homework or eat her veggies! Here's a shot of her sleeping!

Grumpy girl much! And she looks like she is using a phone or something! Too cute :D

Got kinda tired, so we headed home and nuah-ed..Cos we were still really stuffed we had Sukiyaki (click to read about it!) for dinner. Shall continue Part 2 in the next post. It's wasn't a really long celebration or very extremely exciting or what but I'm quite tired from blogging and got to attend to other errands..so yeah Part 2 it shall be!

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