Thursday 24 May 2012

One Year Anniversary - Part 2

Continuing from my previous post!

We started our Sunday off by going down for a swim at the pool after brekkie. We pumped up the huge flower float for Kaitlin to play with. It actually is supposed to be one of those mini pools for like when you don't have a swimming pool..

See that babygirl trying to climb and do all those dangerous stunts! Super important to always keep a close eye on her. I guess this is gonna last for quite a while. When she starts to walk and run I think it'll be worse!

Halfway through while playing..Kaitlin POOPEDDDD! Luckily the babygirl was in her flower float and didn't end up pooping in the pool. I seriously wouldn't know what to do if she did poop in the pool!   We changed her and then it was back to having more fun! 

Had lunch at home and after that we headed out to Go-Go Bambini. Since Lihai and I can't have proper couple time, we decided to just spend the day having fun with Kaitlin. Hence, we decided to bring her to her first indoor playground. We decided on Go-Go Bambini since it was located at Dempsey and pretty near us.

Didn't take alot of photos at Go-Go Bambini cos it was pretty chaotic. Like kids running around everywhere and Kaitlin was just this teeny tiny baby and I didn't want any kid to accidentally stomp on her or something if I was distracted on my phone..I think it was kinda too much for Kaitlin cos so much was going on. When I say so much was going on, I meant like kids screaming and jumping here and there and she was just like "uhhhh.." and probably felt traumatized. Still, the babygirl did have fun in the ball pit and even tried to eat the balls (as usual!) We tried to bring her through the tunnels and stuff and omg, seriously, Lihai and I felt so old. Especially me, I felt like a freaking giant there and having to crawl around, I felt like I was 40. Thank god, I'm doing this when I'm 20. Imagine if I was 30 or even 40, I think I would have to be admitted to the hospital for like an injured knee or something. We also brought her to play on a tiny slide and like some rotating pole thing. The kids there were also really cute! There was this girl that kept coming to me to say Hello! TOO CUTE. 

After that, we headed to the supermarket for some grocery shopping, Kaitlin fell asleep midway through, then it was home! Nuah-ed a little more before we headed out for dinner. 

The funny thing about dinner was...back when it was Valentine's Day, I wanted to bring Lihai for dinner, but we didn't in the end cos we were afraid his mom might not be able to cope with looking after the baby at home while we went for our nice couple dinner. So I cancelled reservations and thought about bringing him for our anniversary but it didn't happen cos Lihai said that he would bring me to dinner and I didn't need to so I settled with bringing him for brunch. Anyway, it turns out that the restaurant he was bringing me to that night was the EXACT SAME RESTAURANT and I kinda guessed it before he brought me and he was like HOW DID YOU KNOW. Well, basically he kinda asked me how to get to the address of the place..then I was like uhhh that address sounds familiar but I brushed it off. Then before we headed out, he went onto the website to check some stuff out, and the website has some like sounds when you hover over the buttons, and I was like that sounds familiar too..and I guessed it! So annoying cos then I can't bring him in future! Also, just so you know, this has sorta happened before. Like we want to bring each other to the same goddamn place, and one of us brings the other just before the other manages to do it. Or we both have the same activity we planned to do..gahh. I guess it's some kind of telepathy or whatever you call it #morereasonswhyIlovelihai. Though it is kinda argh, wtf..I think it is pretty cute that we have similar thoughts..but then again Lihai says..there are only that many restaurants in I guess he's got a point there as well..

Back to the point! We headed over to 1-Altitude and brought the little one with us as well. We were really hoping she would be a good lil girl during dinner so that we could have a good time, just like brunch the previous day, but that didn't really happen -.- She's a lil crankier during evening/night time. So we didn't really get to stay and enjoy much, but it was still nice going out to dinner (finally!!)

We arrived a little earlier, so the restaurant was not opened yet so we headed over to the bar first..we basically sat down and just enjoyed the view. It was really preets though! Sat for a little while then over to the restaurant. We got to seat by the window! (Y) Absolutely loved the view!! Food was pretty nice, but not totally awesome. Though I really loved the mashed potatoes! THEY TASTED LIKE MARSHMALLOWS. I know I'm not making much sense there, but it was just so smooth and airy-ish. I don't know how to describe it, but basically it was just super nice. The service was really bad. Considering it is supposed to be quite an atas restaurant, it was seriously WTF. Not gonna go back there unless it is for the awesome view..or the awesome mashed potatoes! I still had a good time cos duh! Lihai brought me to dinner and he was really sweet <3 Love you manyyyyy!

Since we couldn't stay for long cos the babygirl was cranky and then fell asleep..we weren't really full and it was still really early so we decided to head to town..Ended up having waffles at Haato at Ion. It was super warm and niceeeeee! Though the inside wasn't really cooked, but it was still nomxz and the white peach sorbet was good too! I went back again recently, and same thing, it wasn't really cooked inside..maybe it's like supposed to be like that I guess..But who cares, a little uncooked batter won't kill and it's too yummy! I remembered I had this phase for like two weeks where I just had to have waffles and ice-cream and was constantly craving it so Lihai and I went to different places like Salted Caramel, Udders, Island Creamary etc..and the one at Island Creamary, really isn't that nice. I always wanted to try Haato's but didn't get a chance to but since it is now at Ion..YAY HELLO WAFFLES!!:D Typing this makes me crave for their waffles againnnnn!

Okay, as usual, lazy me, lazy to type more. Shall do a Part 3 then! Omg, I ought to stop being so lazy, but really, this post is getting a little draggy and it's noon and Kaitlin still refuses to nap! Gotta go do something about it! Toodles!

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