Wednesday 29 August 2012

Mid-Week Musings

As you can see....

Kaitlin can stand!! Yes, she can stand unsupported now :D:D It's quite hard to explain how it feels to see your baby growing up and surprising you with all the things she can do. Yes, you know it will happen someday, like your baby being able to sit up, say mama, crawl, and stand. Yet, it leaves you in amazement and you are filled with instant joy! I know every baby will eventually learn to stand and walk and the list goes on..but as a parent, you just feel so damn proud of your baby, like she is a superhero or something..

It's just so hilarious to see her standing up on her own without her even realising that she is not holding on to anything for support..and when she realises, it's just oh so cute to see her feel a little afraid and drop to her knees cos she knows that's the safest thing she can do <3 I really enjoy wondering what Kaitlin is thinking all the time, and how she reacts to different's really interesting! I always wonder if mankind will invent some sort of thought process machine which will translate what babies are thinking in their little heads so that we'll know! I'll gladly buy that product! 

The last couple of months has made me realise that babies or kids might be tiny..and you would think that they don't know much..but I believe their minds are like a vast ocean..and they are probably much more imaginative than us!

They really are that innocent and brillant at the same time, aren't they! Can't wait to see how much  babygirl progresses by the time she is a year old! #thebigone

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