Monday 19 November 2012

The past week..

The past week has been pretty fruitful. We managed to finally get around to doing a couple of things!

1. We visited three schools! Blue House Nursery, Brighton Montessori and Play Days. Yes, all in 2 days. So far, I'm liking Blue House and Play Days. We only went to Brighton cos it was just above Play Days and I wanted Lihai to get a better idea of what the Montessori learning approach was about.

2. We sold off a few more furniture pieces and have a little bit more space in the house!

3. Brought babygirl to SBG twice this week to get some sun and open up her world to the beautiful wonders of nature. Part of what I planned to incorporate as part of her daily activities. I also intend to incorporate some natural materials for her sensory play. We'll see how that goes.

4. Been searching everywhere and I finally located where I can buy the light box for Kaitlin's play based learning involving light that I want to introduce to her at home. Problem is that it is rather expensive, so I'm still considering cos Kaitlin may not even want to play with it at all. Also thinking if I should order it from Amazon instead, but at least I know where to buy it if I want to :) All that research paid off!

5.We went to recce the site of our future BTO flat. Yes, that is if we are indeed eligible, and if we even get the chance to select and choose a unit that we are okay with. It was so tiring and hard to manage with Kaitlin around cos she was being a little difficult today. Don't blame her, neither am I mad with her. It was just really exhausting locating and figuring everything out + walking around the estate to see the amenities but it finally is done. Now we are just waiting for our appointment date.

6. Brought Kaitlin to the snow session at Tanglin Mall! She was kind of afraid of the foam -.- so I was a little bummed as I was hoping that she would enjoy it and I could bring her everyday. Nevermind, perhaps we could try another day and she will start to enjoy it. It was still very magical when the snow was falling down, and out of curiosity she even ate some foam!

It was a rather tiring week, but I feel so happy that we got quite a few things done :) I love that feeling when you can check off the things on your to-do list! Really hoping that the coming week will be as good as this one and that the weather won't get so crazy!

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