Wednesday 30 January 2013

Mid-Week Musings

Babygirl can now play independently with the slide that Godpa Ronald gifted her for her first birthday and she enjoys it so much!

She used to be afraid to slide down on her own and would hold our hands, but the past couple of days she's been really brave to try sliding down without assistance. She also would usually prefer us to be near her, I guess cos it makes her feel more safe and reassured but this girl is definitely growing up now. Check out the video I filmed of her:

I must say that while I was filming this I was actually quite afraid she might hit herself or get into an accident since I wasn't exactly near enough to protect her. Thankfully nothing happened.

I know, it's just a slide and I sound like a complete psycho being so protective but I really rather be on the safe side than to have something bad happen to her. Well, one thing I learnt is that sometimes we got to really "let go" as mommies and let them have some falls and scrapes. It's part of life anyway! To pick yourself up after you fall..I try to remind myself that but well, when they are your precious little ones it sometimes gets a little difficult.

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