Wednesday 13 February 2013

Daddy Li's Birthday [ Part Two ]

Finally back to posting about how we celebrated Daddy Li's birthday! Well, from the picture above, you can probably already guess that we went for a tiny vacay. In fact, it's the first vacay we took ever since we had Kaitlin. The last time we went for a vacay was to Bangkok when Kaitlin was still in my tummy!

It's also our second vacation as a couple. Sounds so bleak that we been on so little vacations, but that means more reasons to save up $$ for more future vacations. 

We had always wanted to go for a short getaway but the tiny one was always on our minds. For example, whether we should bring her along or not, cos well it would be quite difficult and how would she adjust. Also, imagine the amount of things we would have to bring over + the plane/boat journey to our destination.

Of course, we definitely had to bring her but there was so much logistics to think about that we just brushed off all our previous ideas. Well, this time for Daddy Li's birthday, we decided to be brave and just conquer whatever problem should come our way and I must say it was a great decision! We didn't get to relax much, and did get quite angsty with each other but overall it was a nice experience, and I just felt so happy that we could bring Kaitlin along with us to experience it all.

Back to talking more about our trip!

We left for Bintan on Daddy Li's birthday. Here's Kaitlin on the ferry, while waiting for it to depart. 

Of course a blue sailor Hello Kitty hoodie is a must add to her outfit to match our trip there! I love this hoodie from Zara! Love the colour + the fact that it is Hello Kitty! Like, HELLO? Who can resist Hello Kitty?! Meowww!

Even Daddy Li was excited about the trip! You can totally tell cos he is not one who would camwhore, but he did with his babygirl!

Double big claps for the babygirl. She was wonderful on the ferry. A little fidgety but who can blame her. Plus, no puking or anything of that sort. There was this other Korean kid that puked D: Lucky we were about to reach so we didn't have to deal with the smell for long. Kaitlin also finally dozed off to sleep in my arms before we reached Bintan. So precious!

Thankfully she dozed off cos we still had to get through the airport and get to the hotel and all so she might have fussed and created a scene. No thanks to the other kids on the bus, Kaitlin woke up just when we reached the hotel, and yet again, this girl was such a trooper and wasn't cranky at all!

I'm sorry this is such a short follow up post about how we celebrated Daddy Li's birthday. I kind of accidentally deleted the other half of this post D: I'll continue more about our first day in Bintan in my next post alright :)

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