Tuesday 4 June 2013

Our Second Wedding Anniversary - Part Three!

Continuing on from my previous posts (Part One & Part Two) about how we celebrated our wedding anniversary, here's the last part where Daddy Li brought me out for dinner!

We dined at Au Chocolat, located at MBS. The place is really lovely. Their interior is so whimsy and welcoming, great for a meal out with the family or friends. We got the booth seat as well so that's a double yay!

It was difficult to choose what to order as they had quite an extensive menu and honestly everything seemed to be worth trying. This despite the fact that I was really hungry (yes, me, hungry again #gluttonforlife).

We eventually settled to order three dishes first, and to only order more if we still aren't full. Didn't want to make a mistake and be greedy pigs, plus we weren't sure if the food was gonna be that good.

Not forgetting, we had to get the Hot Fudge. How can you say no the words "fudge"?! I opted for a warm drink cos it happened to be raining that night, and I was fuh-reezing, and it was the best choice ever. It was so rich, but not until you find yourself downing glasses of water after.

I didn't fancy the handmade Mini Crab Cakes Slider we ordered. I was actually quite excited to try it cos I'm always on the search for a good crab cake plus it was recommended on the menu. This one was really dry, and I felt it would have better on it's own than in the form of a slider. In fact, we ate ours separately. That is the crab cakes on their own separate from the rest of the burger.

We also ordered the Parma Ham Crepe with rock melon and swiss gruyere cheese. Parma ham is always yummy, and when paired with rock melon it's divine. With that said, it was good, but not something that's a must-try.

The star of the night was without a doubt the Duck Confit with potato mash, white wine poached pear and tangy chocolate orange sauce. First off, the duck was cooked to perfection. Crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside. The potato mash was smooth and creamy. We let Kaitlin try the mashed potato and she loved it! I know the thought of a chocolate orange sauce might make you think twice about ordering this dish, but let me tell you that it's the best part of the dish other than the duck of course.

The Duck Confit is a dish that you must definitely order. I've also heard good things about their Truffle Fries, but we didn't order it cos we didn't want to end up having that horrible bloated feeling after. Would definitely try it on our next visit!

Service wise, it was quite hard to get the attention of the waiters as they weren't very attentive. Another reason was also cos we were tucked away in a corner so you can't really blame them. Other than that, it was a good experience. I personally feel that Au Chocolat is family friendly place. Booth seats are always great for kids I feel and they've got such a wide variety of items on the menu it'll be easy to order for even the fussiest eater. Taste wise, though there were some misses I'm still very interested to try out the rest of the menu especially since their Duck Confit left me with a lasting impression. What's more I'm sure the decadent desserts are sure to make the kids sit through the meal!

If the Duck Confit's making you want to head down for some..here are the details:

Au Chocolat
Add: 2 Bayfront Avenue, #01-03 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Tel: 6688 7227
Opening Hours: Daily 11:00 - 00:00


I had a wonderful time celebrating our anniversary with Daddy Li and babygirl. I really wouldn't have it any other way. Though I'm unable to be experiencing and "living the life" as most of my other peers are currently, I still very happy that these two are a part of my life ever since two years ago. I find my life having much more meaning than it used to be. I don't know what life would be like now if K didn't come into our lives, and if we didn't get married. Sure, it's not the usual way of how things should have been, our lives kind of hit the fast-forward button..at times I wonder what could have been, or what I could be doing now, or even how I might be missing out..but the thing is I always end up with the same conclusion that everything happens for a reason and that I wouldn't want to exchange my current life for anything else. Just being able to spend quality time and care for Daddy Li and K makes me feel very contented already.

Thanks you hubxz for the wonderful past two years. We definitely had disagreements and fights, but I believe that just makes us our relationship stronger (you better believe it too or else...!) I do hope we have many more years together..like the old couple from UP cos I don't know about you but I love you very very much like from here to around the world and back! Here's to many more body slams, chin-ing, scaring each other, teasing..and of course not forgetting my favourite snuggle cuddle time hehe! Love you lots hubster <3

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