Monday 25 November 2013

Halloween and Deepavali 2013

Due to the fact that I'm so backdated with my posting, I decided that I shall blog about two events in this post rather than to totally skip blogging about it.

Kaitlin celebrated Halloween And Deepavali in school slightly less than a month back, and in fact the celebrations happened on consecutive days that I think she got a little traumatized from it. She had been crying when I dropped her off at school the entire week after the celebrations, and being a worried mom I was discussing it with her teachers. It turns out that babygirl was probably a little traumatized as there were lots of kids around during the celebration days, and Kaitlin is such a timid (yes I know you can't imagine her being timid) girl that she doesn't do well with crowds. In fact, I heard that she was clinging on to her Mandarin teacher the whole time and wanted to be carried. This girl can be such a princess!

Well, thankfully though the crying has stopped and Kaitlin is happy as ever to attend school.

Back to the point of this post! On the two days, Kaitlin was actually in a very chirpy mood when we were going to school so that was pretty good. I was worried that she wouldn't want to wear the costume and outfit I got for her, but she surprised me and loved it! Huge sigh of relief, cos my efforts in searching high and low paid off.

I went to lots of places to find costumes for K and even considered ordering through the net. However, by the time I had decided on a costume, it would not have delivered in time for her Halloween celebration in school. So I stuck to just searching around shops in Singapore. The problem is that it is quite to hard to find costumes for toddlers between 1-2 years old. Costumes that usually can be found in SG are more for babies or 3 years and up. So unless you have a very tiny toddler or one that's tall and big enough it would be quite a problem to find an outfit that would fit.

Thankfully though, I managed to find a costume for K!

Can you guess what Kaitlin was for Halloween?

Hehe babygirl was a bumblebee and coincidentally it matched her school bag which is a bee! They did trick or treating in school with kids from the different levels and Kaitlin came home with lots of candy. I'm not sure if she ate any in school, but she made sure to let me know that the bag of candy was hers.

When I picked K up she was not in her costume already cos of course she couldn't possibly eat in it, but when we were on the way home she wanted to put her costume on again, and she did! So I guess it's safe to say that she liked it! Double yayy! 

Our neighbourhood didn't have any trick-or-treating going on this year, so K didn't get to go collect more candy and wear her costume again..but I'm thinking of letting her wear it just for fun around the house when she wants to do some imaginative or role play. In fact, she can still fit into her spider one from last year's Halloween!

K's school celebrated Deepavali the day after their Halloween celebrations! It was also Kaitlin's very first time celebrating Deepavali.

I got K's costume from Mustafa and you should really check the place out. They have everything and anything. Especially Deepavali costumes! I was worried I might not be able to find one that would fit Kaitlin, but I was so relieved that they had costumes for all sizes. What's more I didn't have to worry that I would be charged more than I should be paying for if I were to go to Tekka market. I also managed to find bangles that would fit her tiny hands without falling off. 

Since K's school has AC on throughout the day, I got her to wear a long sleeve shirt underneath so she wouldn't feel cold in class. She loved her bangles and for the fun of it, she kept taking them on and off by herself. Before she even reached school there was glitter all over her.

See how happy she was even before we reached school! I love that she likes to go to school, and it definitely makes me feel assured that she's having a good time and is enjoying class. That last two photos are her doing her version of a happy face. We usually show her the twist, but I guess she ended up with this unique version of hers. Kaitlin came home with a crepe/prata..I guess it had something to do with the Deepavali theme they had for the day. Her teacher also sent us images of K learning more about Deepavali with her classmates and trying some snacks. Seemed like a pretty fun day to me!

I'm really glad that Kaitlin has these opportunities to celebrate and socialise with her classmates, teachers and the older kids in school. Plus, I'm sure she learnt a thing or two about Halloween and Deepavali. She knows "pumpkin", "ghost", "costume" and "spooky" and when I read a book about Halloween that I borrowed from the library she was fake laughing and saying funny. I'm glad she didn't find Halloween to be a scary affair, but more of a fun one. Though she did get a little over stimulated in school, I guess it's part of the growing up process for her and it's good for her to be more exposed to other kids since she rarely interacts with children her age. Hopefully this will help her to learn to control her emotions better and be less shy. 

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