Monday 21 April 2014

Kaitlin is 31 Months Old!

Kaitlin turned 31 months old last Friday! My once vulnerable babygirl is now growing up to be more independent and assertive. At the same time, she still has her moments where she wants to be carried and wants me to hold her hand when she goes to sleep. Other than the times when I'm really having difficulty carrying or attending to her, I would say that I still very much enjoy the close bond we have.

Here are some of her milestones this past month:

Kaitlin is able to identify and name fruits, veggies and animals in English and Chinese
She can also identify most uppercase alphabets
Uses adjectives
Describes objects by their colour, shape and size
Knows the difference between more and less
She can count to 20
Able to draw lines to join dots together

Kaitlin can complete 12-piece puzzles
She is able to put her laundry into the laundry bin herself
Plays more independently at playgrounds
Likes to make choices in terms of what she eats, the cup/bottle she uses, what she plays and her shoes
Will point out if we have done something wrong and tell us what we should do instead
Shows sympathy and concern

Doesn't Kaitlin look all grown up :') Not long before I'll have to start planning for her third birthday!

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