Tuesday 8 September 2015

August [ in pictures ]

August equals birthday month so whenever the month's ending I'm always hoping it would last a little longer and now...it's over :( Now I got to wait another 300+ days till August again!

Super thankful for thoughtful friends and Daddy Li for putting in effort in planning and celebrating my birthday for me despite their busy schedules <3 Not forgetting how they spent more this year just to make me happy. Since August is also Enna's birthday month, I got to meet her more than normal so that's double yay especially despite our busy schedules :D

This month, I also got to try out making cocktails thanks to KY! Mad love for this girl who actually went through the whole effort of trying to find out what drinks I like so that we could learn to make them during the class. She did this through taking those online quizzes and then sharing the results in our group chat so that we would take it too. I totally had no idea even when the class started until she told me! So sweet right! I got to say her planning super good that I had zero clue where we were headed that day but when I found out I was really relieved (thank goodness not robotics and nothing to do with heights lol) and excited :D I've never gone for such classes before and even more so with a friend so it was really a fun experience!

Can't be more glad to also celebrate my birthday with Kaitlin wishing me Happy Birthday while I'm in bed, making me a card with the help of her daddy and singing Happy Birthday for me during dinner and just being an all-round sweetheart in general. Best present ever that money can't buy <3

Not forgetting, National Day! I felt like we were way more patriotic as compared to previous years probably from all the hype over SG50. Kaitlin was super into National Day! We brought her to Gardens By the Bay to check out the special display at the Flower Dome, walk the skyway bridge where she was more brave than I was (i've a fear of heights!) and to watch the Garden Rhapsody. We also brought her to see the aerial display at Marina Barrage which was really super cool.

Ended off August by going to the Night Festival with KY. Super impromptu but impromptu works right! We were both pretty tired out already from our individual day work/activities but hey hey having a not-so-great week but being able to hang out with your friends always makes things better right? Night Fest was pretty cool, in short it always amazes me. I got to say though it was mad hot and after going around for about an hour + (actually I can't really remb how long) I couldn't take it anymore and I was glad we managed to noms in a comfortable and air-conditioned cafe that night. Thank goodness Curious Palette opens till late. More cafes (starbucks and tcc not included) in town should do that!

All the happy stuff aside, turning another older hasn't really changed me drastically, but I got to say.. I don't want the next year to come so soon! Feel like i'll be super old by next year :/ and collagen production gonna decrease. Can't deal with that :((( Feel like no amount of skincare products no matter how expensive and raved is gonna be able to give me my youth-like skin *sobs*

Okay well, in all seriousness I have been thinking about 1-2 matters of late. They are generally pretty much linked and whilst September has come..I think these thoughts have been occupying my mind for quite some time now and well they are still on my mind..Going back and forth hasn't really helped, looking at it from different perspectives hasn't caused any definite change but perhaps has provided more clarity. Sometimes thinking and saying is easy, but doing something you had thought out or planned isn't. I always believe in how some things have been planned and were meant to be. And then there are the kind of things that happen cos of coincidence or cos you thought were meant to but weren't or aren't anymore and just can't work out. Perhaps the only glimmer of hope is if you try, but when trying multiple times has failed then it's probably time to give up. Giving up on certain things doesn't always mean that they don't matter to you, sometimes giving up happens cos you've tried and tried but just get so worn out and hurt by it. Even then, it's not that you don't want to continue trying, but that you know that even when you put it your all, doing it alone can't work out. Some things just won't change. Like I said, I believe in coincidence and I guess how I've been and will be pretty busy for September was also in a way meant to be. It sucks a whole lot cos I've been feeling so exhausted and drained but I feel like somehow there are reasons for all of this.

Just realised I sound so old, long-winded and superstitious thought I'm really not! I just choose to believe a little in coincidence D: Sigh #signsofageing

Oh well thoughts aside, I was happy for August, of course it could have been a better month in many ways but I'm not gonna be greedy and sulk cos it was really a pretty awesome month plus life can't be smooth sailing even if it's your birthday month hurhur!

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