Thursday 10 October 2013


Obviously this post is wayyyyy overdue, but here it finally is!! Kaitlin turned THE BIG TWO a few weeks back, and here are the photos we took on her special day!

Babygirl was ill so she was pretty much a cranky girl, but of course we tried our best to make it a special day for her. But you know how kids are. One moment they are laughing away and the next, they are screaming like you took their favourite toy away. More about how we celebrated in the posts to come (working on it!).

For now, here are some of her milestones!

Kaitlin likes to pretend play - talking on the phone, kitchen play
She likes to play hide and seek (her version), and likes to hide behind places to scare people (learned from us!)
She's gone into a "mine" stage, where she doesn't want to share unless coaxed and thinks that we are trying to take her things. An example, would be trying to take the spoon to feed her and she would say 'mine' like we are stealing it away from her. Probably because she is aware of herself as a separate from others.

Able to instruct us to eat when she's eating. "Eat, eat", "Eat leh", "Makan" She basically observed what we usually say when we are going to eat and now she does it when she observes that it's mealtime.
She's taken more interest in playing with other children and babies especially. When she sees a fellow kid, she'll refer to them as 'friend'.
Loves jumping (off steps) and walking on grass. She's terrified of sand though.
Kaitlin is able to name her classmates, and even objects related to the specific classmate.
Likes to press buttons (lift, traffic light)
Able to wear her socks, shoes and pants herself.
Can stand on tip toes
Can say 'Godma' and 'Godpa'!
Knows how to get on the pram herself.

Able to do simple puzzles.
Can count to ten and say recite the ABC with help.
Able to blow bubbles and candles.
Repeats words overheard in conversations
Sometimes she likes to walk alone, that is, not holding our hands.
Able to give her first name when asked.
Mostly knows how to identify between big and small.
Able to identify most animals, fruits and vegetables.

I'm definitely feeling very relieved that K has met almost all of the milestones she is supposed to meet. Of course some are a little later and the others came earlier, but I think it all boils down to the fact that she is well and I'm just glad for that.

I used to worry about her speech being delayed, but having heard her utter words and now short sentences, I feel so super relieved. She is still a little behind her peers, but everyone grows and develops at their own pace, so I try not to worry about it.

Having celebrated her second birthday with her..I've come to realised that all that really matters is that she is healthy and happy! I mean that's has always been important to's just that with all the things I've read up, and all that expectations, sometimes I kind of forget what's really the most important for Kaitlin.

I'll be blogging about how we celebrated Kaitlin's birthday..just need some time..Meanwhile, if you're interested, here's how we celebrated her first birthday here, here and here!

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